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The Lord of the Rings
Developer(s) Stern Pinball
Platform(s) Stern WhiteStar II
Release October 2003
Genre(s) Pinball
Mode(s) Single-player

The Lord of the Rings is a 2003 pinball game designed by George Gomez and distributed by Stern Pinball. It is based on The Lord of the Rings, which was first released in 2001.

This game was re-released in December 2009 as The Lord of the Rings: Limited Edition, which adds a shaker motor and updated software.


The main objective of the game is to light and start three multiballs, each of them coupled to one of the movies of the trilogy, and to finally "Destroy the Ring":

  • Fellowship of the Ring: Collect all members of the fellowship (white inserts), then shoot Barad-Dûr, Gollum Cave, or The Shire to start the multiball. If enabled by the operator, the mode starts with a Cave Troll that must be defeated, otherwise the player directly starts with the second part: The Balrog. One must alternate between hitting the Balrog and shooting a ramp to make the members of the fellowship escape across the bridge (the last member Gandalf will not pass but rather end the second part and enable victory lap mode).
  • The Two Towers: Spell "K-E-E-P" to enable the ball lock on the right ramp. Lock three balls to start multiball. Shoot all lit shots for Jackpots (depending on the number of balls, these can be 1x, 2x or 3x (when stacked with Gollum Multiball)). Combo Shots (subsequent Jackpot shots) increase the second Jackpot multiplier (up to 7x). The Two Towers is considered "complete" after the first scored Super Jackpot, after which a limited amount of additional Super Jackpots may be collected. Once the all Super Jackpots have been collected or time expires, victory lap mode is enabled.
  • The Return of the King: Collect 5000 souls on the "Path of the Dead" and shoot Orthanc, Barad-Dûr or Gollum Cave to start. Jackpots are scored by the four lit shots, scoring all relights the Jackpots and advances the player to the next level. On the Seventh level, Super Jackpots are awarded instead of the standard jackpots, leading into victory lap mode afterwards.

Another objective are the modes that can be started by shooting the Ring when lit:

  • Escape the Ringwraiths
  • Gandalf vs Saruman
  • Warg Battle
  • War of the Ents
  • Attack of Shelob
  • Kill the Witchking

Completing all modes enables the bonus mode "There and Back Again..." (Elf rings still need to be collected to start the mode). Also, a mode cannot be started when Destroy the Ring is lit. Modes cannot be starting while a multiball is in play either, however, modes can be triggered before a multiball, thus becoming "Stacked".