The Storm Runner

The Storm Runner
Author J. C. Cervantes
Cover artist Irving Rodriguez
Country United States
Language English
Genre Fantasy
Children’s Fiction
Publisher Disney Hyperion
Publication date September 18, 2018
Storm Runner
Followed by The Fire Keeper

The Storm Runner is a novel written by J. C. Cervantes and published in September 2018. It is the second of many Rick Riordan Presents imprints and is about thirteen-year-old Zane Obispo who uses a cane to get around due to a debilitating limp.

The jacket art was designed by Maria Elias and drawn by Irving Rodriguez.


Zane Obispo's favorite activity to partake in when he's not at school is exploring the sleeping volcano in his own backyard. One day, while discovering new cracks and creases in the mountain, a small airplane crashes into it, disturbing Zane and his three-legged dog Rosie.

Soon after the accident, a mysterious girl named Brooks appears at Zane's doorstep, demanding that she and Zane meet up at the volcano. Zane agrees, trying to impress Brooks, and she explains to him that "myths are real" and the volcano is actually a centuries-old prison for the Mayan god of death, whose destiny is linked to Zane's. Zane's neighbor. Ms. Cab, who is a psychic, explains to Zane that his father, who was left when Zane was an infant, is Hurakan, a Mayan deity.

In the second installment of the series, Zane is put on a remote island but Ixtab with his mother, Brooks, and close friends. But he wishes to escape when he realizes he must save his father, after another godborn, a girl named Ren washes up on the island in a small boat.


Humans / Godborns

  • Zane Obispo: a thirteen-year-old with a limp. He uses a cane named Fuego to get around, and is the son of Hurakan, a Mayan deity.
  • Brooks: a young godborn who comes to Zane after a small airplane mysteriously crashes.
  • Rosie: Zane's loyal three-legged dog who becomes a hellhound in book one.
  • Zane's Mom
  • Ms. Cab
  • Hondo
  • Jazz

Gods / Supernatural Beings

  • Ah-Puch: the god of death, disaster and darkness. Often referred to in the book as "The Stinking One" and "Ah-Puke."
  • Ixtab: the god of the underworld, who forces Zane to write The Storm Runner about the recent events in his life.
  • Hurakan: a Mayan god and Zane's father.

Zane's loyal three-legged dog Rosie appears in all three installments of the trilogy. Near the end of book one, she gets turned into a hellhound by Ixtab.


Prior to the release of the first novel, a second was announced, to be called The Fire Keeper, detailing the events of Zane's island life and how he attempts to escape the island, surrounding which there is a massive force field created by Ixtab. The Fire Keeper was released on September 3, 2019.

A third book, title, The Shadow Crosser, released on September 1, 2020. It is the final installment in the Storm Runner series.

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