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The Tribe
Genre Teen drama
Science fiction
Post-apocalyptic fiction
Country of origin New Zealand
United Kingdom
Original language(s) English
No. of seasons 5
No. of episodes 260
Running time 25 minutes
Production company(s) Cloud 9 Screen
Entertainment Group
Distributor Cumulus Distribution
Original network Channel 5
Original release 24 Apr 1999 - 6 Sep 2003
The New Tomorrow

The Tribe is a New Zealand-British post-apocalyptic fictional TV series primarily aimed at teenagers. It is set in a near-future in which all adults have been wiped out by a deadly virus, leaving the children of the world to fend for themselves. The show's focus is on an unnamed city inhabited by tribes of children and teenagers.

Main characters


Alice, played by Vanessa Stacey, is a member of the Mall Rats on the television series The Tribe. She originally was the leader of the Farm Girls. She appears in episodes 132, 203 – 352, 547 – 548, 551.

Alice is fun loving and can be rowdy, but deep down she is kind and sensitive and has wisdom. She is angry at injustice and has a hot temper. She is a formidable foe but a fantastic friend and is fiercely protective of her younger sister Ellie.

Alice lived in the Farm with her family before the Virus. When all the adults die, Alice becomes the leader of her Tribe, the Farm Girls, and continues to take care of the Farm along with Ellie. Lex, Bray, Jack and Dal first meet Alice when they come to the Farm to trade batteries for fresh food.

Series 2: When the second wave of the Virus arrives, Ellie becomes ill, and Alice treks to the Mall to get the antidote that the Mall Rats are giving out for free. After Ellie is cured, they both decide to join the Mall Rats. Alice becomes Tai-San's personal body-guard, as she is the only one who knows the antidote's recipe and, later, Lex, the newly appointed Sheriff, asks Alice to be his Deputy. Alice is extremely loyal to Tai-San and considers her as her best friend. When she finds out that Lex, her crush, is secretly seeing Tai-San, Alice feels betrayed and leaves the Mall Rats. She lives in Ebony's hotel for a while and joins her militia to fight the invading Chosen.

When Alice learns the Chosen plan to invade the Mall, she tries to warn Ellie and the other Mall Rats but arrives too late and is made prisoner as well.

Series 3: She is held captive in the Mall and forced to do slave labor for the Chosen. Alice, with the help of Ellie, secretly tries to undermine the Guardian's power over the City. Alice is freed, along with the other Mall Rats, when the rebel Tribes provoke the downfall of the Chosen.

Alice falls for Ned, a new member of the Mall Rats, and is heartbroken when he is killed by the Guardian. She buries him at the Farm and tries to avenge him by killing the Guardian, but is stopped by Luke. The Guardian escapes and takes Luke with him, while the Technos begin their invasion.

Series 4: The Technos raid the Mall and kidnap Alice, along with KC, Tai-San and May, and send them to their work camps.

Series 5: Alice is seen for the last time at the end of Series 5. She is held up in a cage on a beach, along with KC and the Guardian, who seems to have completely lost his mind. She was also written into the cancelled Series 6.


Amber (aka Eagle), played by Beth Allen, is one of the original members of the Mall Rats on the television series The Tribe. She appears in episodes 101 – 201, 305 – 312, 328 – 337, 339, 345 – 405, 420 – 428, 446 – 552.

Amber is an attractive, fiery, intelligent girl who initially assumes control of the Mall Rats through her natural leadership qualities. Amber has had to become streetwise the hard way, though her background is middle-class, private school education. She's fiercely moral and determined that something positive will come out of their predicament. This leads her to sometimes be too hard on everyone, herself in particular. In reality, a sensitive, caring soul, Amber has a great longing for love deep inside her, which she keeps hidden, fearing that to reveal it will make her weak.

Series 1: At the beginning of the TV series, Amber and Dal, who lived in the same neighbourhood before the virus, are wandering the streets and end up taking refuge in the Mall where Jack is already living. They decide to stay here. Amber soon takes charge and asks Lex and Ryan to help protect the newly formed tribe. Bray and the very pregnant Trudy join them at the Mall but Amber is reluctant to let them stay here. But when Trudy unexpectedly goes into labor, Amber changes her mind. She does not want to let a baby live outside, with the Locos and the Demon Dogs roaming the streets. She has trouble imposing herself as the leader at first as nobody wants to do their share of work. She later steps down from her duties when Lex wins the vote to become the Tribe leader. But Lex quickly proves himself to be a poor leader and is forced to share leadership with Amber and Bray, in order to take care of the Tribe.

At first, Amber is suspicious of Bray and clashes with him frequently but, in secret, she is slowly falling for him. When the Mall Rats take part in a Tribal Gathering, Amber helps releasing Dal and Sasha, a traveling performer, who were captured by the Nomads. Sasha lives at the Mall temporarily and Amber quickly becomes attracted to him, much to Bray's dismay. Sasha asks Amber to leave the Mall Rats with him but Amber quickly realizes she cannot leave her Tribe. When Glenn arrives at the Mall suffering from a strange mutation of the Virus, Amber decides, along with the rest of the Tribe, to start searching government facilities in order to find a cure. Amber finally confesses to her feelings for Bray and they kiss. But when the Locos and their new leader Ebony invade the Mall, they steal the antidote the Mall Rats found on Hope Island and take Bray prisoner. The Mall Rats decide to trek to Eagle Mountain to find a new antidote. A freed Bray rejoins the Tribe, along with Ebony, and promises Amber there is nothing between Ebony and him. In the government building on Eagle Mountain the Tribe hears a strange transmission and when a generator catches fire, the whole building explode. Bray is knocked unconscious and when he wakes up, Lex tells him Amber and Zandra have lost their lives in the explosion.

Series 3: When Bray, Lex, Ebony and Dal are rescued from the Chosen by Pride, they discover Amber is alive and living among the Ecos as their leader, calling herself Eagle. The Mall Rats ask the Ecos to help them defeat the Chosen. After Amber tragically witnesses the death of her old friend Dal, she confesses to Bray she still loves him. They spend the night together and the next morning she leaves him to go recruit more Tribes to help them win the battle.

When Amber returns with the reformed Trudy, she informs Bray she is pregnant. At first, Amber is not sure she wants to raise up a child in this chaotic world but Trudy convinces her it is the most beautiful gift. The Ecos and the Mall Rats defeat the Chosen and the Guardian. Amber is chosen to preside the Guardian and Luke's trials. After much consideration, Amber decides not to go back to the Ecos and to stay with the Mall Rats. Just before a celebration party, Amber and Trudy are kidnapped by Ned. The Guardian kills Ned and threatens Trudy and Amber until Ebony comes to rescue them. Ebony becomes a hero and is elected as the new City Leader but Amber is doubtful Ebony is telling the whole truth. Ebony wants to execute the Guardian but Amber disagrees. She plots with Bray, Trudy and Tai-San and they decide they want Ebony to be questioned about Trudy and Amber's kidnapping. But Ebony has the people on her side and she banishes Amber and Bray from the City. Once outside the City, Amber goes into labor and Bray finds a place for her to have the baby.

Series 4: After Bray has been taken by the Technos, Trudy and Brady find her and Trudy helps her giving birth to her son. Amber calls her baby Bray in honor of his father. She is so distraught that Bray is missing that she decides to go back to live with the Eco tribe along with Baby Bray, Trudy and Brady. After living for a while with the Ecos, Amber is abducted by the Technos and forced to play a virtual war game. In the game she thinks she sees Bray. She is rescued by the Mall Rats and slowly gets back to health. She meets the Techno, Jay, and tells him of her horrific experience in the game. Amber decides to fight back at the Technos and tries to let the whole City know the Technos are experimenting on humans but Ram manipulates her video transmission. As the Technos look to arrest the rebels responsible for the broadcast, Amber decides to go back to Baby Bray at the Eco camp. When Ebony and Jay escape from the City, they are found by Amber and the Ecos. She is pleased to see Jay has turned against Ram and decides to go back to the City. Amber and the Mall Rats storm Ram's hotel and defeat Ram.

Series 5: Now that the Technos are overthrown, Amber promises Baby Bray she will try to find his father. She enlists Jay's help and they search for Bray on Mega's computer. Amber is heartbroken to learn Bray has been deleted and blames Jay, because of his involvement with the Technos. However, after the death of Pride, Amber accompanies Salene back to the Eco camp and realizes she really has feelings for Jay. She declares her affection for him but she later finds out Jay and Trudy have become a couple. Amber starts doubting Mega's intentions. She learns from Ebony that Mega plans to take over the City. Mega threatens Baby Bray and Amber tries to flee but is not allowed to leave the city. She is forced to agree to become the new president and to give speeches that support Mega's regime. Amber feels conflicted about her new position, but along with Jack and Ellie she continues to try to bring Mega down from the inside. When Jay risks being killed by the Technos, Amber kisses him and they become an item. Amber feels guilty that she betrayed her best friend Trudy. and desperately goes searching for Trudy and Brady when they leave the Mall. Mega uses Trudy to capture Amber and Jay. He intends to erase Amber and Jay's memory but with the help of Ram and Trudy, only Jay temporarily loses his memory. Amber helps the rebels to overtake Mega and she celebrates their victory with Jay and the Mall Rats. Amber is still distrustful of Ram and mandates Jack to keep an eye on him. When Ram's computer goes out of control and plans to kill all the humans, Amber and the Mall Rats are forced to flee the City and leave on a boat.


Bray, played by Dwayne Cameron, is one of the original members of the Mall Rats on the television series The Tribe. He appears in episodes 101 – 402.

The official site describes Bray as a handsome, confidently cool and enigmatic adulted boy. He is a natural loner, content with his own company and an experienced eco-warrior and activist. He distrusts all leaders and initially refuses to assume his natural role within the Tribe. On the surface, he is very sure of himself, inside, he is a turmoil of emotions. After the death of his parents, Bray is unable to prevent the mental breakdown of his younger brother, Martin, and his transformation into his Zoot persona. The two brothers grow apart as Bray tries to build a new peaceful world without the adults and Zoot takes power over the City.

Series 1: Bray first comes to the Phoenix Shopping Mall hoping to find a safe place for Trudy to stay, as she is pregnant with Zoot's child. At first, he is not welcomed by the other Mall Rats, as he keeps disappearing from the Mall and shows no real interest in the Tribe's future. But, little by little, he becomes a sort of father figure for the youngest ones and agrees to be in charge of finding provisions. He quickly develops a relationship with Salene, breaking Trudy's heart.

Bray quickly develops a strong rivalry with Lex, who cheats his way into becoming their leader. Bray thinks Lex's only concern is himself and not the Mall Rats, especially after he tries to get rid of Bray, by placing stolen bottles of water in his room. Bray is almost kicked out of the Tribe but he puts his rivalry with Lex on hold when the second wave of the Virus hits the City. Bray takes part in the Mall Rats' search for a possible cure. Along with Amber, Lex and Dal he finds some antidote on Hope Island. After Tai-San and Lex both start to show the first signs of contamination from the Virus, Bray hopes one of them will try the antidote but they refuse to take it. Ebony and the Locos save the Mall Rats from an attack of the Tribe Circus but, as a reward for their help, they take the antidote and make Bray and Lex prisoners. After the Locos force him to take the antidote, Lex is cured and Bray convinces Ebony to leave the Locos and to join the Mall Rats in their search for the antidote's formula before the Virus kills them all.

During Series 1, Salene confesses her feelings for Bray and they share a kiss but Bray soon realizes he does not love her. Trudy, who has always loved Bray, suffers from postnatal depression and uses her daughter, Brady, to guilt Bray into taking care of her. Bray worries about them, as Trudy becomes increasingly jealous and even attempts to kill herself. He feels conflicted, having developed strong feelings for Amber, but not wanting to abandon Trudy, who has become a single mother after Zoot is accidentally killed by Lex. When Amber has a short-lived relationship with Sasha, Bray starts to feel depressed and even considers leaving the Mall Rats. However, Amber and Bray finally confess their feelings for each other and, as a proof of her love, Amber gives Bray her father's ring. She becomes jealous of Bray's relationship with Ebony and Bray tries to reassure her, telling her he has no feelings for Ebony. But when Ebony joins the Mall Rats on their trek to Eagle Mountain, Bray realizes Amber still has doubts about their relationship. Prompted by Lex, they make up and along with the other Mall Rats they hear a cryptic message that was left behind by the adults.

Series 2: At the beginning of Series 2, after a generator catches fire on Eagle Mountain and Bray is knocked unconscious, Lex tells him Amber and Zandra have died in the explosion. At first, Bray is so distraught over Amber's death he decides to give up on the antidote and leaves the Mall Rats. However, Bray quickly realizes Amber would have wanted him to keep fighting. The Mall Rats all go looking for another antidote with the information Jack found on the computer on Eagle Mountain. On his search of an abandoned government building, Bray meets Danni and offers her to join the Mall Rats. Lex, Ebony and Tai-San find some more antidote and the Mall Rats decide to give it for free to the other Tribes. Tai-San is the only one who knows the antidote's formula and, after she almost loses her memory in an explosion of her lab, she decides to share it with Bray. Brady and Trudy are kidnapped by the Chosen and Ebony tricks Bray into giving her the formula by threatening to leave the Mall without telling him where The Guardian is helding them prisoners. The Mall Rats go after the Chosen but fail to rescue Trudy and Brady.

Bray and Danni soon develop feelings for each other, as they share the same ideas of a united society. When Danni is put through trial for trying to poison Tai-San, Bray defends her, as he is convinced Ebony is behind this. Ebony puts the blame on Spike and Bray is unable to prove her wrong. Later in Series 2, Danni reveals her father was partly responsible for the first Virus that killed all the adults and Bray forgives her for hiding it, telling her it was not her fault. Bray is elected as the leader of the Mall Rats but has difficulty assuming his duty while also having to make some more antidote. Against the wish of the others, he elects Ebony as Head of Security to help him, as she still controls many of the ex-members of the Locos.

When Trudy returns, Bray is so relieved to have Brady back and to see that Trudy is accepting his new relationship with Danni that he fails to notice Trudy has changed. At the end of Series 2, the Chosen invade the Mall and Trudy finally reveals she has turned against Bray and his Tribe. Along with the Mall Rats, Bray tries to defeat the Chosen but they are outnumbered and must surrender themselves.

Series 3: After being taken prisoner by the Chosen, Bray learns Danni has been killed with all the other Tribe leaders. The Guardian and Trudy try to brainwash him in order to make him join the Chosen's cause. But Bray refuses and almost gets executed before being rescued by Lex, Ebony and Pride. Bray realizes Pride is wearing Amber's ring around his neck and discovers her grave on Eagle Mountain is empty. He soon finds out Amber is alive and has joined the Tribe of the Ecos as their leader. Bray is furious at Amber for making him believe she was dead and begs her to help them rescue the Mall Rats and defeat the Chosen. After Amber witnesses the death of her best friend Dal, Bray and she rekindle their love relationship. Amber leaves to go look for more Tribes to join the rebels, while Bray, with the help of Lex and Ebony, starts undermining the Chosen's power over the City. They destroy their gas provisions and help rescue Trudy from their grasp.

Bray is ecstatic when Amber returns and informs him she is pregnant. However, she is reluctant to keep the baby and Bray asks Trudy to have a talk with her about motherhood. After the Mall Rats successfully defeat the Chosen, Bray and Amber settle at the Mall and enjoy being finally together. Their happiness is short-lived as Amber and Trudy are mysteriously kidnapped. Bray becomes so desperate to find them he gives up on his duties as leader, which allows Ebony to slowly take power over the whole City. After Amber and Trudy are safely returned, Bray starts to believe Ebony was behind the kidnapping but fails to prevent her election as the new City leader. When Bray and Amber confront Ebony about her betrayal she takes advantage of her new position of power and banishes them from the City. As they reach the City's limits, Amber goes into labour and they take refuge in an abandoned barn.

Series 4: At the beginning of Series 4, as Amber is still in labour, the Technos invade the City and capture Bray, dropping Amber's ring outside the barn's door which Trudy discovers. Leaving Amber hurt that they are now separated once more.

Series 5: At the beginning of Series 5, Amber is devastated upon learning Bray has been deleted by the Technos. However, at the end of the Series, KC, who is imprisoned, mentions to Alice that he was kept prisoner with Bray for a few weeks until a couple of days before they were split up for KC to arrive at this island leaving Bray's whereabouts unknown.


Cloe, played by Jaimee Kaire Gataulu, is one of the original members of the Mall Rats on the television series The Tribe. She appears in episodes 101 – 312, 349 – 435.

According to the official site, Cloe is a slightly withdrawn loner who initially relates better to animals than to people. Not very practical in other ways, she can be a source of irritation to the others by neglecting her duties to deal with her own crises, of which there seem to be many. But her moans and melodrama are often no more than a source of refuge from the alien, dangerous world outside, and her fears for the future.

Series 1: Cloe is rescued by Amber and Dal and, together, they take refuge in the Mall. She quickly befriends Patsy and her twin brother Paul. As one of the youngest member of the Mall Rats she struggles with her new life without any adults. She often looks for motherly comfort with Salene and Amber. While Patsy has her brother, Cloe feels she has no one to count on. She finds a calf that she names Bluebell and starts spending more time with her than with the Tribe. When Lex threatens to eat Bluebell, Cloe tries to free her but ends up getting lost. She is rescued by Tai-San and brings her back to the Mall.

Cloe consoles her best friend Patsy when Paul disappears. She promises her they will always have each other. When Amber leaves the Mall with Sasha and Salene starts suffering from bulimia, Cloe feels abandoned. She finds some stolen bottles of water in Bray's room and feels conflicted between her affection for Bray and his betrayal, still Bray is proven innocent. When Patsy brings back a contaminated Glenn to the Mall, Cloe must reassure her she is not guilty of bringing the Virus inside. They promise each other they will beat the Virus together. When the Tribe Circus invades the Mall, Cloe and Patsy decide they are not children anymore and they fight alongside the other Mall Rats. After the Mall Rats trek to Eagle Mountain and find no antidote, Cloe and Patsy are afraid they will be left alone but Salene and Ryan promise them they are a family now.

Series 2: After Tai-San finds the formula, Cloe helps the Mall Rats with the distribution of the antidote. Brady is kidnapped under Patsy's surveillance and Trudy is furious at her. Cloe is worried after Patsy goes missing and blames the other Mall Rats for not looking for her. Ebony and her troops finally find Patsy and Cloe tries to reassure Patsy and promises they will find Brady. After their dog Bob is killed with poison, Cloe and Patsy feel all alone again and distance themselves from the Mall Rats. They think the others do not take them seriously and, for a short period, they decide to form their own Tribe, the C & P Tribe.

When Trudy comes back to the Mall with Brady, Patsy feels so guilty she starts spending all her time with Trudy. Cloe feels abandoned once more, as she was when her parents died. She is the only one who realizes Trudy has changed and tries to warn everyone. After Cloe notices Brady is not the real Brady, Trudy threatens her and Cloe is afraid. After Trudy reveals she has become a Chosen, Patsy apologizes to Cloe and the two make up.

Series 3: After the Mall is invaded, Cloe agrees to join the Chosen in order to spy on them for the Mall Rats. She wants to help defeat the people who have taken her home from her but is caught spying and sent to work in the mines.

She is freed later in Series 3, when the Rebels defeat the Chosen. She encounters Jack and together they go back to the Mall. She learns Patsy was sent to the mines as well but that no one has heard from her since. During her captivity Cloe has grown up a lot and is much more self-confident. KC seems to notice the change and starts to have a crush on her.

Series 4: When Cloe sees the Technos' plane, she thinks the adults have returned and is relieved. But when they invade the Mall and start kidnapping all the Mall Rats, Cloe hides under her bed. The other Mall Rats return and she tells them what happened. They all decide to confront the Technos but their technology is too advanced and the Mall Rats have to surrender.

Cloe becomes moody and refuses to help out at the Mall. She develops a crush on the much older Pride and is hurt when she finds out he does not reciprocate her feelings. Cloe soon starts a relationship with the Techno Ved. Although Ved often treats her badly and everyone advises her to stop seeing him, she falls in love with him. When she thinks she is pregnant, Ved breaks up with her. After Amber asks for her help she agrees to use Ved to find information on the Technos. Ved realizes Cloe used him but he has begun to care deeply about her and forgives her. Cloe trusts Ved when he offers her to enter Ram's new virtual reality game but she goes missing in the game. Ved learns that Ram deleted Cloe because he was sick of their relationship. Ved challenges Ram to a duel to get her back, but he loses and Ram deletes him and she is never heard from again.


Dal, portrayed by Ashwath Sundarasen, is one of the original members of the Mall Rats on the television series The Tribe. He appears in episodes 101 – 311.

The official site describes Dal as immensely sensible and practical. He is a down-to-earth jack-of-all-trades handyman, who comes into his own in this new world through his innate ability to scavenge useful bits and pieces.

Series 1: At the beginning of the Series, Dal is planning to leave the City to set up a farm away from chaos with Amber, who lived in the same neighbourhood as Dal before the Virus. They both end up taking refuge in the Mall and decide to stay. Dal's little knowledge of medicine (his parents were both doctors, it is also revealed that his surname is Majeeb) proves useful when he has to go look for antibiotics for a sick Trudy. He develops a strong friendship with Jack and together they work on connecting up the water tank to the Mall downstairs and invent a water purification system. They also rig up an intercom with noises that will scare off intruders and create a wind turbine that allows them to exchange power batteries for food. Dal often argues with Jack who is often reluctant to admit Dal is essential to his work and shows little interest in the well-being of others.

After Trudy makes a suicide attempt, Dal nurses her back to health and grows closer to her. Dal admits to her he still wants to go live in the country someday and when Trudy confesses she hates the Mall, they both agree to leave the Mall Rats. They encounter the Nomads, who seem to be a friendly Tribe at first, but after Trudy leaves their camp to go back to Brady, they take Dal prisoner and reveal themselves to be slave traders. Dal is freed from the Nomads by the Mall Rats at a Tribal Gathering and is delighted to rejoin them. Dal helps find information that leads the Mall Rats to search a government building on Eagle Mountain for an antidote against the new Virus.

Series 2: On Eagle Mountain, Jack and Dal discover the location of government buildings where the antidote's formula might be found. After Lex, Ebony and Tai-San find a new antidote, Dal helps Jack work on discovering its composition but fails to do so before Lex drinks the last drop. After Jack starts obsessing about the new girl, Ellie, Dal feels like he is not needed at the Mall anymore and starts spending more time at Alice's Farm. He gathers volunteers from the City to work on the land and provides fresh food to the Mall Rats. After Ellie helps him deliver a baby lamb at the Farm, Dal starts having feelings for her. Jack becomes insanely jealous and this creates a rift between the two friends. They repair their friendship after Dal realizes Ellie only loves Jack.

After the City discovers the Mall Rats have lied and they do not need the antidote anymore, the Farm's workers rebel against Dal who ends up all alone. He tries to recruit other Mall Rats to help him but the Farm's resources start diminishing. While spending the night alone at the Farm, Dal is confronted by the Chosen, who scare him off. He runs back to the Mall and tells of his mysterious encounter. He agrees to help Jack spy on Ebony for the Mall Rats after Jack begs him to. Dal is relieved to see Trudy come back several months after having been kidnapped by the Chosen but fails to notice she has changed. The Mall Rats are unable to prevent the Chosen from invading the City and Dal is made prisoner along with the others.

Series 3: After the Chosen invade the Mall and Jack is taken away, Dal is chosen to witness Bray's execution. They are both rescued by Lex and Ebony and a stranger called Pride who brings them back to his Tribe, the Ecos. When Dal arrives at their camp he is startled and relieved to see Amber is alive. He learns she is now their leader and calls herself Eagle. Dal is disappointed Amber did not let him know she was alive but quickly forgives her when she agrees to join them to defeat the Chosen. Dal helps in a rescue mission but fails to free the other Mall Rats. After May betrays the rebels to the Chosen, they walk into a trap and Dal is killed after accidentally falling down several stories. He is buried by the Mall Rats on top of a mountain overlooking the City.


Ebony, played by Meryl Cassie, is an original member of the Locos on the television series The Tribe. She appears in episodes 101 – 106, 108 – 109, 114, 116 – 120, 126 – 129, 145 – 552.

Conniving and brutal, Ebony is the most ruthless of characters and the least likely to show kindness. She is inwardly consumed by power – the only kind of security she knows – and stops at nothing to acquire it. Only out for herself, she is willing to hurt, even to murder, people who stand in her way. Aware of her fine looks and feminine charms, she understands the game of seduction and allure and uses it to her advantage.

Terrified of showing weakness or losing control, Ebony has built a wall of confidence, cruelty and constraint around her that hides her deep-seated fears and insecurities. Struggling to open up to anyone, Ebony claims that friendship is "for losers" and "dead". She feels – sometimes clearly due to skewed perceptions, but usually justifiably – that everyone she has ever trusted has abandoned or betrayed her. While not much about her background is known, it seems evident that her complete mistrust of people stems at least partly from her family.

Ebony is exceptionally calculating and cunning, and puts her cleverness to good use. A perfect actress, she loves to manipulate – an exercise of power and control. There's always an intrigue she's working on or a hidden agenda that needs pondering. She is nimble and knows the city and its people well. Although perceived as despotic at times, she has excellent leadership skills and can convince anyone with her rousing speeches. Her tone is often sarcastic and subtly insulting, but she can also be aggressively blunt. However, every once in a while she shakes up the screen with a dazzling moment of freshness and ingenuous playfulness, as though she had just remembered that she is, after all, still a teenager.

Series 1: Ebony is a member of the Locos, and becomes the new leader after Zoot goes missing. She meets with Bray, and he tells her that he is dead. She takes his word, and convinces the Locos that Zoot has gone away for a short time and that he told her to be their leader in the time he is gone. Ebony is held prisoner in the cage when she breaks into the Mall, interrupting Lex and Zandra's wedding. She tricks Lex into opening the cage for her. They wind up having sex, and she locks him in the cage and makes her escape. At the end of series one, she and Bray rescue the Mall Rats from a tribe who will not let them out of the City. She accompanies them to Eagle Mountain.

Series 2: Ebony finds Amber after the explosion on Eagle Mountain and tells lies to her to get her to leave the Mall Rats. She fakes Amber's death, and goes with the Mall Rats back to the City.

After finding the antidote, Ebony joins the Mall Rats. Ebony starts to have nightmares about Zoot after Spike captured Ebony, and left her locked in a warehouse to die. Alice, Tai San and Cloudy find her, and she begins to change. After she is rejected by Bray, she toughens up again, and moves out of the Mall back to her hotel with her Militia. Patsy tricks Ebony that all the Mall Rats died except herself and Alice, and the Chosen drown her. It turns out she is still alive. She leaves the City for a while, and watches the Chosen take over the City from the top of a cliff overlooking the City.

Series 3: After the Chosen leave Bray for a short time to lead them away. Bray ends up getting taken. A mysterious man named Pride follows them, and they catch him, and he helps them rescue Bray and Dal when Bray is about to be executed. Bray recognizes Amber's ring that she gave him hanging around Pride's neck, and Pride tells them that his tribe leader gave it to them. Dal goes to Eagle Mountain to dig up Amber's grave, and Ebony wants to leave, knowing she will get caught. Amber's grave is empty, and Pride takes them to the Eco tribe, where they find Amber to be alive and calling herself Eagle. Amber tells Bray the truth about what happened on Eagle Mountain, and he wants to kill Ebony, but does not. They ask Amber to come and join their rebellion, and she later accepts. The rebels defeat the Guardian and Ebony is elected City Leader, just as the Techno's plane approaches the City and begin their invasion.

Series 4: After Ebony makes a deal with the Technos not to harm anyone in the City, they move into Ebony's hotel. Ram's wives, Java and Siva, reveal to Ram that Ebony is their sister and he makes the Ebony's bodyguards. Ellie tries to kill Ebony with a bomb, and she gets taken away. Ebony later marries Ram, the Techno leader, after he shows her a tape of Jay and Amber together. Ebony later realizes that the tape is one of Ram's computer creations and gets back together with Jay, and they both leave the Technos and the City to start their new lives. Ram sends sniffer dogs to find them after he finds Ebony's jacket, and they come across the Amber, Trudy, and the other Ecos. Amber comes back to the City with them and they later defeat Ram. Ebony then becomes overprotective of Jay when Amber admits to falling for him. Jay then dumps Ebony for Amber.

Series 5: Mega, the new leader of the Technos, and Java manipulates Ebony and the rest of the city (except the Mall Rats) that Zoot has come back from the dead. After Ebony and Siva betray the Mall Rats and Java escapes the hotel, they form a new tribe, the Zootists. They make their old school their HQ and recruit dozens of kids off the street to sabotage Mega and the Technos. However Ebony leaves them after finding out about Mega and Java's plans. Slade takes her to Liberty, where Lex, Siva, Ram, and Darryl are living. She is shocked to find them there, and becomes irritated when Ruby tells Ebony that she cannot have Slade. Slade later picks Ebony over her. Ruby is hurt and tells Slade that she is pregnant with his child. After Ram brings Java to Liberty, Java wants a death fight with Ebony. Siva is distraught and throws herself in front of Ebony as Java as about to kill her. Ebony kills Java and screams as Siva dies. Ebony is hurt when Siva and Java die, and pushes Slade away when Ruby tells Ebony she is pregnant. Ebony and Slade make up, and as the City is being evacuated, Ebony pushes Ruby in front of a moving truck, and is guilty when Ruby was never really pregnant. She escapes of the boat with the rest of the Mall Rats as Mega's virus spreads throughout the City.


Ellie, portrayed by Jennyfer Jewell, is a member of the Mall Rats on the television series The Tribe. She appears in episodes 203 – 413, 514 – 552.

Ellie is Alice's younger sister, an original member of the Farm Girls who preferred living on the countryside to living in the city. She contracted the virus when she went to the city, got sick, and the plot of the show led to her and Alice moving into the Mall.

Pretty, innocent and guideless, Ellie is naive, emotional and falls in love with Jack, the resident computer nerd. Through many ups and downs, she leaves Jack for Luke which is a very bad decision for the rest of the tribe in series 3 who dislike Luke, then when he leaves she is emotionally distraught, finding comfort in Jack. When Jack is taken away by the Technos in series 4, Ellie, who is distraught snaps and tries to kill first with a bomb, but when that failed she tried strangling Ebony and is taken away by the Technos . She returns in series 5 with no memory of her previous life. Java takes advantage of the fact that Ellie does not remember anything, but is still trusted amongst the Mall Rats. Java helps Ellie remember her love for Jack and then sends her to the Mall with a bomb in her bag, hoping the Mall Rats could be finished with that. Luckily for the Mall Rats, Jack realizes what's inside the bag and gets rid of the bomb just in time. Jack's love for Ellie has not faded, and soon the two are together again.

Ellie is against the Technos and Mega, and therefore helps Jack to come up with a plot to make Jack a trusted member of Mega's team. The plot includes Jack torturing Ellie with the new punishment game, which is faked. However, Ellie manages to act so genuinely being hurt, that even her Mall Rats friends believe it. This makes Mega convinced that Jack is on his side, which later turns out to be one of the things that made him lose his power and control which the Mall Rats were really happy about. She also left the boat with the mall rats who made on the boat which were the ones who still lived in the Mall.

The Guardian / Jaffa

The Guardian, portrayed by Damon Andrews, is the leader of the Chosen and a former member of the Locos on the television series The Tribe. He appears in episodes 201 – 203, 205 – 216, 241, 243 – 244, 247 – 352, 548, 551.

The Guardian is the leader of the Chosen who ends up going insane and is defeated by the Mall Rats. He later warns Lex of the coming of the Technos. He escapes from the Mall taking Luke as his hostage and heads towards an island where he hopes to find other "believers". In Series 5, he is held prisoner on an unknown island with Alice and KC, whom he recognizes as Mall Rats after seeing the pentangle symbol on their hands.


Jack, played by Michael Wesley-Smith, is the original owner of the Phoenix Shopping Mall and a member of the Mall Rats on the television series The Tribe. He appears in episodes 101 – 302, 335 – 340, 349 – 404, 504 – 552.

Jack has always been a curious character. From an early age he preferred to make and invent things rather than spend time cooped up in a classroom learning facts and figures.

Jack is the first Mall Rat to claim the Phoenix Shopping Mall as a suitable homely location, since his father had owned the electric shop. His father had taught him how to survive and had told him to come here after he was gone.

Jack is a somewhat cocky geek, who fully commits himself to finding solutions for the Mall Rats' lack of fresh water and electricity. He forges a strong friendship with Dal, who helps him construct a basic power generator to recharge batteries as well as water pipes from the roof tank directly into the mall. He believes devoutly and staunchly that science is the only solution to their problems, and frequently gets into arguments about the futility of 'spiritual guidance' with the other Mall Rats, particularly Tai-San. Although his abilities are highly valued within the group, Jack's sarcastic, wry sense of humor and enthusiasm for scientific matters seems, while not exactly off-putting, rather peculiar to the Mall Rats. He stays an outsider, usually opting to work on his inventions rather than to socialize with fellow tribe members.

However, his personality starts to change as soon as Ellie, an aspiring journalist, is accepted into the tribe. Jack has finally found someone who shares his curiosity and obsession about the virus, and they research the matter to write about it in Ellie's paper. Both are attracted to each other, and, even though it takes some time, they eventually end up together. Jack starts to soften, to care more for his appearance and be less solitary. Jack is over protective of Ellie and treats his friend Dal badly for any interaction he has with Ellie.

He then gets captured by the Chosen and put to work. When he comes back to the Mall, his best friend Dal has died and Ellie has started dating Luke. His old life seems disrupted, and he decides to go off to live by himself without a tribe. It is only by chance that he is flushed back to the city, and makes up with Ellie before he is deported by the Technos.

When he is released and returns to the city, Jack has changed. He is not the self-seeking, sneering kid he used to be, and starts taking responsibility for those younger or weaker than he is. He is now an integral part of the Mall Rats, and his days of proud solitude are over. He and Ellie become sexually active, and experience the complications of a relationship between two maturing teenagers that have been romantically involved for years. When the dictator-like leader Mega hears of Jack's technical abilities, he employs him to develop a virtual reality punishment program for people not abiding by the laws he has introduced. Jack is flattered, but is stuck in a predicament. In the end, he decides that he does not want to assist the Techno leader in his quest to torture and brainwash people. He tricks Mega with a fake scenario in which Ellie is supposedly tortured. Risking his life to abscond with stolen data from Mega's computer, he joins the resistance movement in Liberty to bring Mega down. There is no doubt that, at the end of series 5, Jack has grown up.


Java, played by Megan Alatini, is an original member of the Technos on the television series The Tribe. She appears in episodes 401 – 538 and is one of Ram's "girls".

Java exercises great influence within the Technos. She is loyal and protective of Ram, appreciating all he has done for her. Java is also respected on her own merits – she has excellent computer skills but is mostly admired (and feared) as a ruthless warrior with great fighting skills. This has led Java to accompany Jay on many ground operations – and she has developed quite an attraction for Jay. While she makes it clear to Jay she is attracted to him, despite her attempts, the attraction is mostly one-sided. In series 5, she and Mega make plans to insane Ebony and so she believes Zoot has come back from the dead. At first she and Mega are successful but Ebony then realises with the help of Siva and Slade/Ron and plays along. Java is then held prisoner in a cage in the 'Zoot Park'. She is kept in the cage for several days because Mega hesitated to free her. But she is freed by him. After that she and the rest of her Technos searched desperately for Ebony.

Java is both Ebony and Siva's older sister, she is very protective and fond of Siva but loathes Ebony for reasons unknown which stem from their past. Java and Ebony's mutual hatred for each other reaches a climax when Java in an attempt to kill Ebony, accidentally shoots and kills Siva. Ebony retaliates by killing Java.


Jay, played by James Napier, is an original member of the Technos on the television series The Tribe. He appears in episodes 401 – 552.

Jay is the general of the Technos and is renowned and respected for his brilliant strategies and practical thinking. He supervises all security matters for the Technos and ground operations in the city.

Jay hopes the Technos can use their technical expertise and skills to build a better world and his relationship with Ram is sometimes marked with tension as Jay senses Ram's ultimate vision may be different from his own. He does not believe in the Technos anymore and leaves them, he tries to get his brother Ved to come along with him but is unsuccessful.

He forms a relationship with Ebony and together they leave the city and the Technos. After they leave the city, they run into the Ecos where Amber and Trudy currently live. Inspired by Amber, Jay decides to go back to the city, asking Ebony to come along with him. After overthrowing the Technos, Jay is devastated to find that Ved has been deleted from a computer at the Technos' Base. Ebony is threatened by Amber and is scared she will take Jay away from her. She gets so paranoid over it that Jay eventually leaves her. Jay then kisses Amber and tries to hit it off with her but she refuses as he was involved in Bray's deleting. After she rejects him he starts a relationship with Trudy which is quickly ended because he wants to be with Amber. At the end of series 5, a new virus is unleashed on the City by Mega and Jay along with the rest of the Mallrats escape on a boat.


KC, portrayed by Ari Boyland, is an original member of the Mall Rats on the television series The Tribe. He appears in episodes 122 – 213, 215 – 305, 307 – 330, 332 – 352, 547 – 548 and 551.

KC snuck into the mall and robbed goods from everyone. He was caught by Lex and was given a trial. He was proved innocent and chose to become a Mall Rat. Lex started to like his style in theft and scams. He becomes friends with Lex, who gives him the feeling that he is also a good fighter. KC starts to see Lex as an elder brother. KC cannot read and, like Lex, he refuses to do housework or learn anything, always scheming.

In Season 3, KC convinces the Guardian he has seen Zoot and becomes his oracle. Later on, he has a crush on May and is hurt when she rejects him. When Cloe comes back, he develops a crush on her as well. He is taken away by the Technos when they invade the city at the beginning of Season 4.

KC isn't seen again until the end of series 5, on some unknown island. He, along with Alice, the Guardian and other people, is held prisoner in a cage.


Lex, played by Caleb Ross, is an original member of the Mall Rats and one of its leaders on the television series The Tribe. He appears in episodes 101 – 213, 215 – 221, 223 – 552.

An arrogant, tough street-fighter, Lex is a seemingly heartless character. He bullies anyone younger or weaker than him, and is not disinclined to use physical force to get what he wants. Very sexually driven, he seems to have an insatiable appetite for, as Ebony snarkily states, "everything female with a pulse". He indeed has 'tried his luck' with around every main female character appearing in the show, sometimes even while he still has another girlfriend. At the age of 17, he has married and lost both his wife Zandra and his unborn baby to an explosion. In his grief he starts to drink, and struggles with alcohol abuse in series 2. He meets May for one night when he is away, who later stays with the Mall Rats, but gets taken away for a time by the Technos in series 4.

Despite his macho attitude, he has, locked away and safely guarded, many insecurities that stem both from his background (his father is said to have been an alcoholic) and his lack of education – he is illiterate, and never exceeds an elementary reading level even though he tries to improve his skills more than once. He gets married to Tai-San, his second wife, who, despite their problems together, always make up. In series 3, Tai-San is taken captive by the Chosen and soon becomes Supreme Mother to overthrow the Chosen but Lex is unconvinced. They are separated when the Technos come. When Tai-San comes back for a short while, Lex becomes very confused because he has already got a new girlfriend, Siva.

Lex always seeks profit for himself, even if it means betraying his tribe. It is not surprising then that he never fully earns the trust of the Mall Rats.

Lex is frequently condescending to his one loyal friend, Ryan (who is sent to the mines after the Chosen invade), and treats his girlfriends badly, cheating on them and attempting to rape Zandra before they were married. However, he has also saved the Mall Rats' lives on more than one occasion and has been a key figure in all resistance movements. Protective of those he loves, he is usually willing to fight and stand up for his tribe. A deeply flawed, and at times even abhorrent character, he nevertheless somehow manages to end up someplace good with his charm, street-wisdom and, every once in a while, the decision to do something not only for his own sake. He even goes so far as to become Sheriff of the town for a while until Dee takes his place as Sheriff.

In series 5, Lex briefly encounters Tai-San, who disappears without a trace almost straight away. She appears to have become a Techno, and she helps out Mega in his decision to beat Ram, but also tries to help out her fellow Mall Rats by bringing Brady back to Trudy, so it is not known whose side she was on. Lex goes in search of her for days, and stumbles across Liberty, where he finds Ram. Slade holds him as prisoner for a short period of time in fear that he would return to the city and tell of Ram's whereabouts, but soon Lex is free again, and decides to stay in Liberty. He then becomes a member of the rebels and helps to take Mega down.

Lex has starred in the most episodes, 258 out of 260. The episode he is absent from is the flashback episode 214 which detailed Bray, Trudy, Ebony and Zoot's past together before the Virus, and the episode after Ryan kicked him out of the Mall, also during season 2.


Luke, portrayed by Jacob Tomuri, is an original member of the Locos who later joins the Chosen and becomes The Guardian’s lieutenant on the television series The Tribe. He appears in episodes 141, 147 – 150, 301, 302, 304 – 352.

On the outside, Luke is the Guardian's deputy – it is he who disciplines the Chosen and carries out the Guardian's orders. He is also one of Ebony's guards in the first season, the one who speaks to KC, Amber and Bray, in the episode where Glenn dies.

A believer in order and stability, Luke genuinely feels the new world can be made in a good and positive way by "power and chaos" – but deep down, Luke has doubts about the Guardian's extremism and fanaticism. He falls in love with Ellie, and convinces her that he is good natured. She eventually accepts him and dumps Jack.

Ebony convinces him he will never be free from his old ways, and he decides to leave the mall. Before he can leave, he is kidnapped by the Guardian, who offers to take him to an island for all "believers". Just as he offers, the Techno's plane flies overhead, announcing their invasion. He is never seen again, and may very well have accepted the Guardian's offer.


May, portrayed by Laura Wilson, is an original Outcast who later joins the Mall Rats on the television series The Tribe. She appears in episodes 223 – 224, 246 – 352, 435 – 552.

May is first seen in series 2 when she has a brief interlude with Lex, out on the streets. When we see her again she stays with the Mall Rats, after rescuing Salene from The Smile, and then returns in series 3 as a full-fledged tribe member.

In series 3, when The Chosen take over the city and the Mall, May joins them, hoping it would give her an advantage. She tries to encourage Salene to join the Chosen too, to give her unborn baby a better chance at life. The other Mall Rats all think that she is a traitor and is very selfish but they do not realize that she is actually thinking of Salene's baby, and eventually she helps out the rebels (Bray, Amber, Dal et al.) to take back the city and the Mall. During this time May develops a crush on newcomer Pride from the Eco-Tribe who is helping the rebels, and when he gets captured and placed in the Mall, she becomes his only friend.

After The Chosen are defeated May continues to pursue Pride, and eventually she cannot take any more and tells him how she feels. They quickly became an item, to May's delight, but Pride seems more distracted by Amber's kidnapping. May dumps him and then nearly leaves the city, but she is stopped by a sorry Pride, who then declares his love for her.

Their romance is short lived due to May's abduction at the beginning of series 4.

May returns when she is seen in a virtual reality show, and then later she stumbles back into the Mall. She suffers from Reality Space sickness for a while and she tries to get her relationship back with Pride but he makes it clear he is in love with Salene.

In series 5, May feels so lonely and out of place that she collaborates with Mega and The Technos. She spies on her fellow Mall Rats, but she never does any major harm. A few episodes later, May witnesses the death of her beloved Pride after a plan to kidnap Salene goes wrong. May and Salene share the same sadness and Salene forgives May after May helped her with her illness outside of the safe zone. After May is kicked out of the tribe Salene helps her to get back into the Mall and eventually the others accept her. May is so glad to have a friend like Salene that she falls for her. Salene does not feel the same way and May leaves the mall but she comes back soon after Ellie went after her. The two become friends again and May helps to release Amber and Jay.

At the end of series 5, May is able to get a boat from one of her old contacts, and the Mall Rats sail away.

May's personality changes throughout the series. When she first appears she has survivor instincts and seems very selfish and harsh. But when she starts to settle into her new home, her softer and fun side comes out. May is in fact caring and sensitive, and she is very insecure. She tends to keep a hard barrier up, pretending to be stronger than what she really is just to hide her desire for love. Inside she craves to be loved and wanted, and has proved throughout the seasons that she will resort to anything to gain attention and affection. Sometimes she is almost desperate for a friend but tries her best not to show it.

Mega / Josh

Mega, portrayed by Calen Maiava Paris, is a member of the Technos and its temporary leader on the television series The Tribe. He appears in episodes 441, 446 – 552.

When he first appears in the series, Mega is just an ordinary Techno, who is quite clever and knows a lot about computers.

When Ram disappears, he makes himself the leader of the Technos and creates a picture of Zoot, to more easily influence the people in the city with technology. When he is eventually defeated by the Mall Rats and the people from Liberty, he is taken captive at the Mall. After Ram creates an artificial intelligence program which messes around with Mega's lab, he tells the Mall Rats that he has been creating a virus so deadly that it will kill everything and everyone in the city.

By the end of series 5, he becomes more and more fanatic (just like the Guardian).

It is revealed towards the end of series 5 that Mega's real name is Josh, and that he is the younger brother of Slade. He has a show-down with the virtual Zoot but is killed tragically when Zoot strangles him to death.


Mouse, portrayed by Jacinta Wawatai, is a member of the Mall Rats on the television series The Tribe. She appears in episodes 402 – 528.

Mouse's best friend is Sammy. They both find a new home in the Mall, when the Technos come and invade the city. They like to blow things up and play tricks on the other people living in the Mall, especially Jack, whose inventions seem to have a great effect on the children. Mouse loves Salene as her own mother.

When the city gets too dangerous, Salene accompanies Mouse to go live with the Eco tribe. Mouse is accepted by her new tribe.


Patsy, portrayed by Sarah Major, is an original member of the Mall Rats on the television series The Tribe. She appears in episodes 101 – 318 and 352.

At the start of the series, Patsy had a deaf brother named Paul. He disappeared mid-season, and Patsy blames Lex for his disappearance.

Together with Cloe, Paul and Salene, Patsy owns a dog named Bob who dies in series 2 after eating poison intended for Tai-San. After Bob's death, Cloe and Patsy are very distraught and blame Danni for Bob's death while they do not know that Ebony killed Bob accidentally for Tai-San, but soon find a new dog they name Cloudy. While frustrated with the rest of the tribe, Cloe and Patsy briefly form the C&P Tribe, but quickly return to being Mall Rats.

Patsy becomes Brady's babysitter until, while Patsy was supposed to be watching her, Brady is kidnapped by the Chosen. Trudy becomes infuriated with Patsy, and Patsy cannot help but blame herself. When Trudy returns, she uses Patsy's guilt to recruit her to help bring the Mall Rats to the Chosen. Cloe becomes jealous the two former friends argue.

In series 3, Patsy joins the Chosen to spy on them for Alice and Ellie. She is caught and sent to the mines. Many think she is killed but in an interview viewers were told that she is still alive. In the Series 6 Script she finds Ryan and they become friends again.


Pride, portrayed by Nick Miller, is an original member of the Ecos who later lives with the Mall Rats on the television series The Tribe. He appears in episodes 301 – 502, 507.

A prominent member of the "eco-tribe", Pride is shy, reserved and polite. He lives by a code of conduct, means no harm to others and has an affinity with nature.

But if necessary Pride will take action and be forthright without hesitation to defend what he feels is right. Is his future in the city or back in the countryside? He has deep feelings for Amber – but might he settle down with someone else?

He forms a relationship with May, but soon afterwards, she is abducted by the Technos. He is suspected of attempting to murder Ebony, and is put in the cage. After being released, he forms a relationship with Salene.

The Technos force him into Reality Space, and he develops Reality Sickness. He later becomes addicted the game. Lex realizes and approaches him about his addiction, but Pride only threatens Lex. Pride is forced to admit he has a problem after Mouse finds him and May in Reality Space. He defeats Jay in the game, and almost defeats him in life, only to come to the sudden realization that he has a problem.

Following the demise of the Technos, Pride goes searching for Salene, who had been kidnapped by two Techno guards in order to bring back Ram. He is tragically killed in series 5 by Wizard, a member of the Technos after overhearing May say that they should kill Salene. Salene tells May that Pride did propose to her at the end of season 4.


Ram, portrayed by Tom Hern, is the founder and leader of the Technos on the television series The Tribe. He appears in episodes 401 – 552.

Eccentric and brilliant in equal measure – Ram is the undisputed leader of the Technos.

A childhood prodigy, everyone recognizes Ram as a visionary and genius, none more than himself. With his disability (paralysis from the waist down after falling off a 20-foot wall onto concrete not long after the virus happened, in an attempt to fly) he faces challenges. He is also a hypochondriac, suffers from mysophobia, a little paranoid, and has an explosive temper but his followers believe these are outweighed by his mathematical, technical and computer skills.

He is ruthless but rewards loyalty and performance. Ram has a dream which he is determined to realize, but will it turn into a nightmare for everyone else?

When Ram first shows up in Liberty, he claims his name is Gabe, short for Gabriel (season 5, episode 5). During season five, viewers see Ram go under a character transplant as he helps those who were once classed as his enemies. In Liberty, he and Lex become good friends and are no longer enemies. He becomes a good person although the people still think it is still a bad person, because of being the maker of 'Paradise'. In the end, Ram escapes with the other Mall Rats on the boat to escape Mega's virus.


Ruby, portrayed by Fleur Saville, is the tenant of the Saloon in Liberty who later joins the Mall Rats on the television series The Tribe. She appears in episodes 501 – 552.

Ruby is independent, quick-witted, humorous, inventive, shrewd and resourceful. She has a whiplash turn of phrase that can cut any fool down to size. However, if that does not work she's not afraid to back up an argument with her fist. Cross Ruby at your peril. She also has the tenacity of a terrier and a strong sense of "right". She loves language and her cryptic lateral thinking mind has developed a love for crossword puzzles.

Ruby runs the Saloon in Liberty. Although Ruby is certainly resourceful and capable, for all that confidence she still has a vulnerability and is sensitive to other people's needs as well as to her own.

Ruby falls in love with Slade, and is angry when he picks Ebony over her. At the end of season 5, she thinks she is pregnant. Ebony, scared that Slade will leave her, pushes Ruby in front of a moving truck. She is shocked to discover that Ruby was never pregnant. Luckily she survives and leaves on the boat with the rest of The Mall Rats. Ruby has never really been in a tribe. She has run her Saloon ever since the virus.


Ryan, portrayed by Ryan Runciman, is an original member of the Mall Rats on the television series The Tribe. He appears in episodes 101 – 320.

Ryan is one of the first members of the Mall Rats. He arrives there with Zandra and Lex. He is always bullied around by Lex, but also falls in love with Zandra despite his shyness. However, Zandra eventually tells him that she will marry Lex.

Later on, he falls in love with Salene and marries her and when she falls pregnant, she becomes a Chosen, while Ryan remains a Mall Rat. When he hears that he will never see his beloved child, he becomes furious and attacks the Guardian.

Ryan gets caught and taken away. The Guardian calls for his death, but Luke (still looking out for Salene) persuades the Guardian to let Ryan live, making him a slave in the mines. Salene attempts to find him in series 3, but never does.

Producers of the show said that Ryan would have made a return in the unconfirmed series 6.


Salene, portrayed by Victoria Spence, is an original member of the Mall Rats on the television series The Tribe. She appears in episodes 101 – 344, 401 – 552.

At the beginning, Salene arrives with Cloe, Patsy and Paul at the Mall. There, she falls in love with Bray, and they even kiss each other, but Bray finally chooses Amber. Salene is suffering from depression and self-esteem issues which result in bulimia. Only by turning to Trudy and Ryan does she eventually overcome this.

Salene finds love with Ryan, becomes pregnant, and marries him. But times are hard. The Chosen rule the city and Salene lives in fear that she might lose her baby, because the Mall Rats get very little to eat. For this reason, Salene is convinced by May that it is best for her and the baby to become a member of the Chosen.

Though she originally joined the Chosen in order to get food, Salene becomes confused by their propaganda and when asked, frequently says she does not know what to think. Alice becomes particularly angry about Salene's status as a Chosen and they have an argument. Salene is walking away from Alice when she falls down some stairs and loses her baby. Meanwhile, Ryan is taken away. Very unhappy and confused, Salene falls in love with the Chosen, Luke, but he rejects her for Ellie.

After the Chosen are defeated, Salene becomes lost and attempts to jump off the roof of the mall until Trudy, Bray, Tally and Brady talk her out of it, and has problems trusting people again. KC trades for a horse, and taking care of the horse helps Salene regain some strength.

Salene hears that Ryan is alive and well and finding out his location she sets off to find him. She is unsuccessful. When she comes back to the Mall, she tells the others about her life and she has become quite a strong person.

After Bray's abduction, she becomes the leader of the Mall Rats and tries to stop people from being influenced by City Net, the TV program that the Technos invented.

Ram uses Salene for his plans and shows the people a film in which Salene tells the people how great the Technos are. Salene eventually becomes the leader of the city, although she has to bow down to Ram.

Salene falls in love with Pride and they develop a relationship together, which ends when he is killed by a Techno. Salene soon reveals to May that Pride proposed to her at the end of season 4.

During season 5 Salene is so depressed about Pride's death she becomes addicted to alcohol. After she runs into trouble May finds her and helps her getting back to health. The two become good friends. At the end of series 5, she goes away with the other Mall Rats, to escape Mega's plan to blow the city up.


Sammy, portrayed by Lucas Hayward, is a member of the Mall Rats on the television series The Tribe. He appears in episodes 401 – 402, 411, 419 – 552.

When Sammy first appears, in series 4, he becomes Mouse's best friend and spends lots of time in Jack's room, blowing things up.

After filming the Technos' wrongdoings, Sammy becomes frightened and will not talk for a while.

In series 5, Sammy falls for Gel, but she only seems to notice Lex. They become good friends in the end and Sammy leaves the City on a boat with the other Mall Rats.


Siva, portrayed by Monique Cassie, is a member of the Technos who temporarily joins the Mall Rats on the television series The Tribe. She appears in episodes 401–538.

Like her older sister, Java, Siva is betrothed as one of Ram's "girls" and carries considerable influence in the Technos. But unlike Java, Siva is not content with this. She fears Ram for his anger and jealousy and does not like being anybody's "property".

She is also the older sister of Ebony and is kinder to Ebony than Java.

Siva searches for genuine love with the guy of her dreams, and it is not Ram. But she is loyal to Ram for what he has done for her and will defend him. With good computer and hand-to-hand fighting skills, Siva often leads ground operations for the Technos.

Siva falls for Lex and although they become an item, Lex cheats on her with Kandi. Angry, Siva challenges Lex to an on-air kickboxing match. She beats him, thereby ruining his career. After Ebony marries Ram, Siva leaves him for Lex, and Ram denounces her as a "virt". Soon after, Siva moves into the Mall where she stays and trains a militia to help bring down Ram.

Later, in series 5, when she and her sisters create a new tribe, the Zootists, and Ebony acts manic and believes Zoot has come back from the dead, Siva knows that Zoot is dead and tries to warn Ebony that it is Java and Mega's plan to try to take over the city. After she is taken away, she and Lex are held together at the 'Zoot Park'. They escape and together they go to Liberty, where Siva meets Ram. She and Ruby become good friends. Siva is accidentally killed by Java, who was aiming for Ebony.


Slade, portrayed by Matt Robinson, is an ally of the Mall Rats on the television series The Tribe. He appears in episodes 501 – 552.

Slade is a new character in series 5, a drifter and an opportunist who winds up in 'Liberty', the frontier-style city, fully intending to move on but getting increasingly caught up in events.

Slade is a 'Pale Rider' character. He's out for himself, and his motives are often ambiguous. But there's a basic decency there behind the gruff exterior, and he can occasionally surprise viewers with acts of tenderness. What's more he does not judge others, (except to know that they will also look out for number one, if they have any sense).

He is certainly not a 'baddie', he does not want to rule the world, but neither does he harbour any illusions about building a Utopia from the ashes of the adult world. He came into the show as an outsider but soon became the new hero of the show.

He started up a relationship with Ebony, eventually making her confront her issues and showing a new side of Ebony to the others. Ruby was another love interest of Slade but he chose Ebony over her.

It is revealed towards the end of series 5 that Slade's real name is Ron, and that he is the older brother of Mega.


Tai-San, played by Michelle Ang, is an original member of the Mall Rats on the television series The Tribe. She appears in episodes 115 – 352, 451 – 501.

The mystical, spiritual figure of the group. A practitioner of alternative healing, and a great story-teller and weaver of myths for The Tribe.

Tai-San can be somewhat aloof, very sure of her own beliefs in her own world. Her persuasive powers and zealous conviction in her own morality can be an irritant to some of the others, especially Amber who accuses her of meddling with others' emotions. In series 2, she marries Lex.

In series 3, she becomes the new Supreme Mother and a member of the Chosen, and all the Mall Rats think she is an enemy. But Tai-San is only trying to persuade the Guardian that the things he does are not good for other people. However, Tai-San fails, and when the Technos come to the city, she is taken away when they raid the Mall.

She has a minor role in the 4th season, where she has become a Techno. Tai-San tries to help out her fellow Mall Rats by bringing Brady back to Trudy, and she helps out Mega in his decision to beat Ram. Following the victory of the Mall Rats, Tai-San disappears again when Mega deletes her. Near the end of series 5, Lex discovers from a former Techno that Tai-San, along with the rest of the missing Mallrats, might still be alive on a faraway island.

Before the series started she was a lone stray.


Trudy, portrayed by Antonia Prebble, is an original member of the Mall Rats on the television series The Tribe. She appears in episodes 101 – 216, 232 – 317, 328 – 337, 339, 345 – 405, 419 – 428, 446 – 552.

Probably the character that changes the most during the five series, Trudy gets to experience a lot of difficult situations in her young life. She starts out as a needy, frightened 14-year-old who is in search of a secure place to deliver her baby, who she fell pregnant with before the virus had fully taken over. Unable to cope with the responsibility towards her daughter and the drastically changed world around her, Trudy desperately tries to find love and a secure place for herself. She goes through post-natal depression and a suicide attempt and runs away with Dal, before she can finally accept her role as a mother and take on her responsibilities.

However, she then falls for the deceptive notion of security presented by the religiously fanatic tribe of the Chosen, who kidnap her and her daughter Brady. She does try to control herself but can not Prodded by their leader, the Guardian, she betrays her Mall Rats friends and takes on the position of the Supreme Mother of the Chosen. It is only when she is abducted by the Mall Rats and brought to Amber that she realizes her error. After the downfall of the Chosen, she and Amber are kidnapped by Ned, as an attempt to flush out the Guardian for the crowds who want the Guardian dead. Trudy proves to be strong and hopeful in such a precarious situation and she continues to assist the pregnant Amber after they have been freed. She helps deliver Amber's baby and goes to live with her with the Ecos.

In series 5, Trudy faces situations that are challenging for her, such as her fight with her best friend Amber, or the decision to help Amber and Jay even though they have betrayed her. She recognizes that she has been manipulated, this time by Mega. However, even though she is still struggling and is, sometimes, a whiny drama queen, Trudy keeps on trying to grow and learn from her mistakes. She might still have a long way to go, but it is undeniable that she has also made tremendous progress.

Trudy loses her temper very easily. She is almost always angry at someone, often because they have done something that Trudy does not like. In series 2 and 3, when she is with the Chosen and spying on The Mall Rats, she gets angry at every little thing that Cloe says.

Trudy has been a member of three tribes, even holding the role of a co-leader of one of them. Before series 1, Trudy was a member of the Locos along with Zoot. However, Trudy soon sought Bray for help as she did not see the Locos as able to raise a baby. She then became a Mall Rat during series 1 to 5. During series 2 and 3, however, she was brainwashed by the Chosen's Guardian, and became their "Queen". Amber managed to convince Trudy to choose where her loyalties lie, and she became a Mall Rat again. She was a key member of the rebels and talked to others the Guardian had brainwashed as well. She also led the Chosen guards to desert The Guardian's cause.

In season 5 she and Jay become a couple while Amber is away. Amber is upset when they get back, but they remain together for a while afterwards, before Trudy's and Amber's roles are swapped yet again and Amber realises she loves Jay. They become a couple. A furious Trudy leaves the Mall and searches for another place to stay. Soon, Mega finds her and allows her to stay at the Techno headquarters. At the end of series 5, Trudy, Brady and the other Mall Rats sail away on a boat to get away from the new virus Mega creates.


Zandra, played by Amy Morrison, is one of the original members of the Mall Rats on the television series The Tribe. She appears in episodes 101 – 201.

According to the official website, Zandra is an attractive but dizzy young girl and an unintentionally amusing figure. She is a fashion junkie, who spends most of her time gossiping or experimenting with different makeup and clothes. She lives in her own fantasy world, avoiding the harsh realities of the world around her and is very resentful at having to help with chores.

Series 1: At the beginning of the Series, Zandra is first seen trying to join the Locos along with Lex, her boyfriend, and Ryan and Glenn. Things do not work out as planned, but Zandra, Lex and Ryan manage to run away and end up in the Mall where Jack traps them between security grills after they try to steal food from the others. After Lex and Ryan offer to defend the others from other dangerous Tribes, Zandra becomes a founding member of the Mall Rats, acting as a calming influence on Lex. At first Zandra has trouble adapting to her new Tribe and is disliked by the other girls for her tendency to care only about her appearance. She gradually starts to show that she truly cares about the Mall Rats and she votes for Trudy to stay when some of the others think her pregnancy could put them in danger and help her deliver her baby.

Her affection for Lex prevents her from realizing that he often uses her and does not truly care for her. He assaults her and cheats on her with both Ebony and Tai-San. At first, she is mad at him, but her blind love for him makes her forgive him and she agrees to marry him a second time after the first wedding is interrupted. She is oblivious to Ryan's feelings for her and takes advantage of his devotion to her when Lex is absent. She is jealous of Ryan and Salene's new friendship and bribes him to vote against Bray at a trial where Lex could be expelled from the Mall Rats after stealing water.

After Glenn comes to the Mall, contaminated with a new form of the Virus, Zandra takes care of him, feeling guilty for abandoning him to the Locos. After he dies, Zandra becomes convinced she will also die. Lex falls ill and decides to confess about everything he ever did wrong to the Mall Rats. Zandra is furious at Lex for using her and does not stop him when he decides to leave the Mall. When the Tribe Circus invades the Mall, Top Hat tries to kiss and rape her but KC comes to her rescue.

Zandra discovers she is pregnant with Lex's child. She is scared and blames Lex for abandoning her and betraying her and considers getting divorced. But when Lex comes back to the Mall she takes pity and tells him about the baby. After Lex is cured, he becomes a different man. He is determined to find another antidote and to be a good father. Zandra is thrilled to see Lex finally take care of her and after the trek to Eagle Mountain proves useless they both decide to leave the Mall Rats, thinking that the City is not a safe place to bring up their baby. However, their happiness is short-lived. Zandra and Amber are killed in an explosion after a generator catches fire on Eagle Mountain. Zandra is buried by Lex on a hillside just below the Observatory at the beginning of Series 2.

Lex revisits her grave in Series 3 along with Bray, Ebony, Pride and Dal when they check to see if Amber is alive or dead, when Amber's grave is discovered as empty Bray suggests digging up Zandra's grave as well, but Lex guards it, saying that no one would touch it while he was still alive, still showing his love and commitment to her.

Other characters

Andy & Tally

Andy, played by James Ordish, and Tally, played by Amelia Reynolds, are twins on the television series The Tribe. They are Ned's younger brother and sister and were members of the Mall Rats for a little while.

According to the official site, Andy is quite an entrepreneur. He is always looking out for a good deal or to make a profit, even if this is by tricking someone in a scam. Deep down, he is a good person that cares immensely for Ned and Tally and will do what he can to try to make the New World order a good one.

Like Andy, Tally is very smart and quick to recognize any opportunities that might benefit her, especially from a financial perspective. She may seem shrewd and selfish but she can also be sensitive and sympathetic to others in need, and seeing this kind side of her often surprises others.

Series 3: After the Virus killed all the adults, Andy, Tally and Ned did not join any Tribe and made their living by trading people for food. They capture Pride and try to sell him to the Chosen but they all end up getting taken to the Mall where they are forced to do slave labor.

At first, Andy and Tally are disliked by the Mall Rats as they refuse to do any work and steal other people's belongings. But quickly, the twins befriend KC, who becomes a bit of a role model in the art of scam. In their own way, they try to help the rebels against the Chosen, but they never fully become members of the Mall Rats.

When their older brother Ned is killed by The Guardian they are both distraught and they distance themselves from the other Mall Rats even more.

Series 4: When the Technos invade the city at the beginning of Season 4, both of them follow KC to the airstrip to get a closer view of the Technos' plane. Unfortunately, the three of them are captured and sent away. While KC would later be seen still held prisoner near the end of season 5, Andy and Tally are never seen again and their fate is left unknown.


Axl is part of Ebony's militia of ex-Locos in Series 2. Alice punches him after he makes fun of her and he arrests her and brings her to Ebony.


When Bray tries to set up a meeting with all the Tribe leaders Lex is reluctant to invite Billy-Boy, saying he cannot be trusted because he's a Jackal. Later, Lex gets Billy-Boy thrown out of the Trading Market. Billy-Boy comes back to the Mall with The Smile and tries to have a fight with Lex but Ryan prevents it. Billy-Boy disappears right before the Chosen invade the City and The Smile blame his disappearance on Lex and the Mall Rats. Billy-Boy reappears in Series 4, when he is a candidate in the election for City Leader against Salene.

Baby Bray

Baby Bray is the son of Amber and Bray.

He was born at the beginning of Series 4, as the Technos' invasion begins. Amber previously had gone through some pretty hard ordeals during her pregnancy and she goes into early labor after she was banished from the City with Bray. Later, Bray is kidnapped by the Technos but Trudy finds Amber and helps her deliver Baby Bray safely.

After Amber and Baby Bray return to the City, they live in the Mall. Mega then uses Baby Bray to manipulate Amber, claiming that Baby Bray will not be safe if she does not agree to his future plans for the City. In order to protect her son, Amber gives in and plays along.

Baby Bray sails away from the City with his mother and the rest of the Mall Rats in the last episode of Series 5.


Brady is the daughter of Trudy and Zoot, although Trudy allowed people to assume in series 1 that Bray was the father. She did this partly to protect Brady from her violent father, and partly to tie Bray to her in the eyes of the other Mall Rats.

In series 3, Brady was taken by the Chosen and revered as the "Divine Child" of Zoot. Rescued by Pride, Brady is reunited with her mother, and later, the Mall Rats as well.

By series 5, Brady is a big girl. She and Mouse often play together whenever her mother Trudy is busy. She can walk and even talk a bit throughout the series. At the end of the series Brady is taken on a boat with her mother and the other Mall Rats as they leave the city.


Charlie is Mouse's brother. He disappears shortly after arriving at the Mall.

Mouse blames the Technos for his disappearance; the first the viewer learns of his disappearance is after Salene asks Mouse to retrieve Charlie for dinner, Mouse says, "I would if I could find him." Shortly after becoming upset due to not being able to find him, Mouse finds a friend in Sammy, who she brings back to the Mall and have great difficulty getting on sometimes.


Danni, portrayed by Ella Wilks, is one of the Mall Rats' co-leader on the television series The Tribe.

Danni and Bray meet after the tragedy at Eagle Mountain. Bray invites Danni to the Mall and, although she is never officially voted in, she becomes part of the Mall Rats. Danni wants to distribute the newly found antidote amongst the city and she wants to bring peace and order to the tribe. During her stay with the Mall Rats it is revealed that Danni's father created the virus that wiped out the adults, also, when this is revealed to the whole Tribe via a newsletter, it also reveals her surname, revealing her full name to be "Danni Young".

After the beginning of series 3, after the Chosen have invaded, Danni is never seen again. Many believe that the Tribe leaders are kept apart from the others and this is where Danni is, but the Guardian makes it clear that Danni is no longer alive when he tells Bray that his vision has "cost him the lives of the two women he loved."


Darryl, played by Joseph Crawford, is recruited by Mega as Zoot's look-alike on the television series The Tribe.

On the official site, Darryl is described as a friendly enough person, very human and quite vulnerable. He appears vain at times but this can probably be attributed to a lack of self-confidence. He is easily swayed by compliments and is deeply hurt by rejection. He longs to be popular and successful, but does not really have a clue about how he will achieve this. Darryl is easily impressed and led, particularly by seemingly strong characters such as Lex, who to an extent, preys on Darryl's naivety.

Series 5: Darryl works in the Casino when he is found by Mega, who then uses him as a Zoot impersonator, thanks to his striking resemblance to Zoot. After Mega succeeds in scaring most of the City into submission he shoots Darryl and leaves him for dead. Darryl is found and taken care of by Slade, who leads him out of the City to Liberty. There, Darryl becomes part of the resistance and helps Lex run his illegal Virtual Casino in Ruby's Saloon.

He takes part in the liberation of the City and ends up living at the Mall and joining the Mall Rats. At the end of the Series, Darryl flees the City on a boat with the other Mall Rats, after a new Virus is released.


Dee, played by Kelly Stevenson, was a member of the Mozquitoes before joining the Mall Rats on the television series The Tribe.

Series 4: Dee is originally part of the Mozzies, though she is only seen at the beginning of series 4, when she takes the place of Moz as spokeswoman for that tribe. With her bright pink hair and English accent, she stands out from the other characters. She challenges the invading Technos, and her tribe is taken away.

Rescued by Jack and Ellie, Dee stays with the Mall Rats and becomes Lex's assistant sheriff, as the Mozzies had been working with him before they were taken away. As the series continues, Dee falls in love with Pride's friend Patch, a computer nerd and they both leave the city to be together just before Season 5.


Dimples is a member of The Smile. She is always seen with Lips and Teeth and sings all the time.


Fish is a member of the Technos who appears in Series 5.


Gel, played by Vicky Rodewyk, joins the Mall Rats during Series 5 on the television series The Tribe.

Gel's life motto is "Girls just wanna have fun". Utterly unconcerned with the political ongoings and power struggles around her, her life revolves around such trivial matters as fashion and gossiping about possible love affairs. Thoughtless and often insensitive, the other characters have little patience with her, and find her both annoying and childish.

Gel is a born follower, who has never truly learned to take care of herself. She constantly needs somebody to yell at her because she does not listen of her duties and to look after her so she does not get into scrapes.

Fascinated by the idea of being considered "hip" and desirable, Gel spends hours doing her makeup and hair. When she notices that Sammy has a crush on her, Gel begins ordering him around and making him take care of the things she's too busy to do. Most of the female Mall Rats call her airheaded and stupid because of putting her nose in other people's business and when saying stupid comments. Gel then becomes fixated on the idea of Lex and her as a couple, and follows him around wherever he goes, flirting and trying to trick him into dating her. When he kisses her and tries to go "too far", Gel grows dismissive and confused. She begins to start to like Jack, and tries to steal him away from Ellie, who dislikes her a bit, but is unsuccessful.

Gel is also an ex-member of a tribe called The Modes before she was captured by the Technos along with her former tribe. She also sailed away on the boat along with the rest of the Mall Rats who made it on the boat.


Ginny is a young girl who gets brought to the hospital by Jay after she has passed out. Later, Patch diagnoses her with pneumonia.

She reminds Jay of his former girlfriend who died and he feels compelled to watch over her until she heals. Later on, she volunteers at the hospital. She becomes addicted to the game and tries to capture Jay in the real world in exchange for the prize.


Glen is a former friend of Zandra and Lex.

At first, he travels with Lex, Zandra and Ryan, until they encounter the Locos. After Lex angers them, the Locos start to hunt him and the others and Glen gets captured, in large part because of Lex.

Glen meets his old friends as a new member of the Locos and takes his revenge upon Lex at a Tribal Gathering. He later is infected with the Virus. Jack sees him on his surveillance camera and when Patsy finds him, thinking he is an adult, she brings him back to the Mall. He dies there, but not before exposing all the Mall Rats to the Virus.

Grey Owl

Grey Owl is a member of the Ecos.


Hawk takes over as the leader of the Ecos after Amber leaves them in Series 3.

He ventures into the City at times, but like Pride, prefers the wide open spaces of the countryside. After realising the dangers the City can bring to the Ecos he eventually tells Amber that she is no longer welcome to return, fearing she will bring even more danger. In Series 5, Mouse becomes weary of city life and asks Salene to take her to the Ecos. Hawk leads her through the ritual which will allow her to join his Tribe.


Jet is the leader of the Gulls.

She has extremely long eyelashes. With her Tribe, she attacks Dal in the streets when they start to believe the Mall Rats are lying about the antidote. After the Chosen capture all the City leaders, Jet surrenders to The Guardian along with the other leaders.


Jago works behind the bar at the casino.

He makes many dealings with Lex but his name is not revealed until he and Lex are caught by the Zootists and put in prison. He threatens to expose an undercover Lex to the Zootists. However, his plan backfires and he is tied up and gagged by the other prisoners.


Java pays Kandi to seduce Lex. Siva finds her in bed with him, and becomes angry with Lex for cheating on her.


Kip first appears in Series 5 when he meets Slade. He appears in three episodes and doesn't belong to any tribe. He used to run the zoo before Ebony transforms it into a prison.


Lips is a member of The Smile. She is always seen with Dimples and Teeth and sings all the time.


Lottie tries to steal from the saloon but Ruby catches her. She and Ruby then join forces to keep an eye on Lex's business dealings. A petty thief who is originally coaxed to stay at the Saloon by Ruby in order to lift a revealing notebook of Lex's. Friendly and cute but also wild, unkempt and urchin like. Something of a kleptomaniac, always pinching something – whether it be the important CD and Gismo at the Saloon or simply one of Gel's scarf at the Mall.

Lottie gains a bad reputation and, like the boy who cried wolf, people become quick to accuse her; even if she is not actually guilty of committing the crime.

Ruby, and later Amber, are not prepared to write Lottie off just because she is a proven thief and can detect a nicer side to her. They see Lottie's thieving as something that she might grow out of, if given the right direction and advice.


In Series 3, Moon helps Bray after his accident. Her tribe leader wants to marry her, but she refuses. She later asks Bray to leave with her. She is last seen as a prisoner of the Technos along with Bray in Series 4.


Moz is the leader of the all female Tribe, the Mozquitoes.

Moz is a strong, tough young woman on the outside, who has dedicated a lot towards the fight against the Chosen. After Luke takes the blame for the Guardian's crimes, she attacks him instead. Moz has the habit of bringing a screaming mob to the Mall to back her up. She also has a strong dislike for Bray, whom she attacks and nearly kills in Series 3. She also strongly dislikes Ebony and the Mall Rats.

For a short while, Moz is the co-leader of the City with Ebony before she disappears at the end of Series 3 without leaving a clue as to where she is. The Mozzies suggest to Ebony that she left to meet the adults. It is likely she was kidnapped by the Technos, or ran when she saw they were not, in fact, adults.


Ned, portrayed by Bevin Linkhorn, is a temporary member of the Mall Rats on the television series The Tribe.

Larger than life, Ned is intelligent and possesses a sharp wit which can make others laugh – or cry out in anger if Ned irritates them (which he often does). Stubborn and headstrong, Ned will seldom back down and always wants his way. Ned has a softer side beneath the rough exterior however – he cares deeply for Alice.

However, he becomes angry about the Mall Rats' decision to not try the Guardian. He kidnaps Trudy and Amber, and leaves ransom notes demanding the exchange of the Guardian. Ebony catches Ned and eventually gets Ned killed by the Guardian as part of an elaborate plan to become the leader of the city. The Guardian kills Ned by breaking his neck with a crowbar. Alice is heartbroken and buries him on the farm. She swears to find out who killed him.


Patch, portrayed by Morgan Palmer Hubbard, is an original member of the Wrecking Crew who temporarily joins the Mall Rats on the television series The Tribe.

A friend to Pride, he falls in love with Dee. He helps Amber break into the Citynet, after the Technos took his two little brothers. After becoming head physician at the hospital, he is kidnapped by Java and held to help heal Ram. When the players attack the mall, looking for Jay, Patch confesses his love to Dee. With the Techno threat seemingly removed, Patch and Dee leave the city to find his brothers.


Paul is Patsy's brother and an original member of the Mall Rats.

He is deaf, and most of the Tribe cannot understand him, using Patsy to tell them what he said. He sometimes uses sign language with Patsy. Because of this, he is isolated. After Lex tells him he is not a real man and useless, he eventually disappears. As a result, Patsy blames Lex for his disappearance.


Sasha is a traveller and a jester that comes to the Mall in Series 1.

He is a free spirited boy and Amber quickly falls in love with him. Sasha and Amber escape on a short excursion where Sasha explains to her that he wants her to leave the Mall with him for good. Amber agrees but after saying goodbye to her friends and leaving the Mall she changes her mind and says no to his offer. She remains in the Mall as the leader of the Mallrats. Her responsibility for the young ones, such as Cloe and Patsy, is one of the reasons she gives to Sasha for not leaving with him, although she regrets not leaving at first and has several flashbacks about him.


Spike is Ebony's right-hand man.

After Ebony poisons a cup meant for Tai-San that ends up killing Bob, the dog, Spike is forced to take the blame for it. He is fired and later kidnaps Ebony, and holds her hostage until Tai-San and Alice use Cloudy to locate her. He is later murdered by the Chosen and his body is dumped in the hotel pool in an attempt to frame Ebony.


She is the lead female slave trader who kidnaps Dal and Sasha.


Roanne lives on the docks and has quite a large hoarde of food which she uses to trade.

After befriending Salene, who is in a weakened mental state due to the stress of the Mall, Roanne locks her away attempting to pimp her out to any passersby who may want to trade more than some food. Luckily for Salene, the first person to come across Roanne is Ryan and the two escape, although Roanne and her crew attempt to stop them.


Teeth is a member of The Smile. She is always seen with Dimples and Lips and sings all the time.

The Hunga

The Hunga was a member of the Demon Dogs until they kicked him out.

Ebony arrests him after he tries to steal food at the Trading Market. After he says he will not stop stealing, the Mall Rats decide to keep him in handcuffs in the sewers under the Mall. KC, who feeds him rotten Tomatoes then frees him on the condition that he owed him. It is very likely that The Hunga died shortly after from the rotten food.

Top Hat

Top Hat is the leader of Tribe Circus.

He is completely insane and a bit of a pyromaniac. He is obsessed with his Top Hat, which belonged to his father; who was a circus/festival performer as a fire dancer. His mother was a tattoo pin up model. He did not go to formal schooling past his first day in kindergarten.

He invades the mall after capturing KC. A fight between the Mallrats and Tribe Circus occurs, and Top Hat takes over the mall and attempts to rape Zandra. KC attacks him before he manages to do it. After getting angry at the Mall Rats he orders them to be locked up before setting the mall on fire; abandoning them. Soon after, when the Mallrats leave the city to find Eagle Mountain, Lex and Ryan go on a revenge spree and end up stealing Top Hat's motorbike and Top Hat.

In Series 2, Top Hat is found wandering the Mall, infected with the virus, looking for his hat. But he disappears soon after.


Troy is the leader of a slave trader Tribe who kidnaps Dal and Sasha. In Series 1, he sells Dal and Sasha to Ebony but they are rescued by Ryan at the Tribal Gathering.


Ved, played by Dan Weekes-Hannah, is a lieutenant and member of the Technos.

According to the official site, Ved is impulsive, headstrong, stubborn and unpredictable. He is Jay's younger brother, but is determined to lead his own life and is very different from him. He enjoys wielding power and despises virts (non-Technos). Second only to Ram in computer skills, Ved admires Ram and considers him more as a role model than Jay. Ved is also a commander in the Technos.

After the Virus kills all the adults, Ved and Jay join the techno's when Jay realizes they offer the best chance of survival.

Series 4: Ved takes part in the invasion of the City at the beginning of Series 4. He shows disdain for all virts and takes pleasure in scaring the City's inhabitants. As Ram's lieutenant he is well versed in technology and helps him conceive his Virtual Reality program. Ved has grown closer to Ram and refuses to hear any advice from Jay. He meets the Mall Rat Cloe and, although he seems dismissive of her at first, calling her a kid and treating her like a baby, he slowly falls in love with her. After she tells him she might be pregnant, he breaks up with her, leaving her heartbroken. She is not pregnant however, and he tries to win her back and she uses him to get inside information on the Technos.

Despite all their differences, they grow closer and Cloe agrees to take part in the first experiment of the new Virtual Reality game. She disappears and Ved tries to find out from Ram what happened to her. Cloe gets Ved back in one episode by getting him drunk and stripping him naked and putting a diaper on him in a club. Everyone laughed at him. Ram is irritated by his relationship with Cloe and informs him that she has been "deleted" and Ved tries to get her back by challenging Ram to a duel. He loses the fight and Jay tries to convince him to leave the Technos with him. Ved feels Ram needs him and seems incapable of leaving the only Tribe he has ever known. When Jay tries to leave the City, Ved is worried about him and is relieved to hear he has escaped safely. He helps Ram get back to health but after he hears Ram's confession while in Virtual Reality, Ved mysteriously disappears and is never seen from or heard from again.

Series 5: At the beginning of Series 5, Jay learns Ved has been "deleted" from a computer while looking for Bray for Amber. He at once thinks it was Ram but Ram assures him that it was Mega. No one ever finds out who really deleted Ved.


Wolf first comes to the Mall during Series 2.

He pretends to be a ventriloquist and has come to the Trading Market in order to sell a few of his puppets. He tells Ellie he comes from up north and has heard of the Mall Rats Market through her newssheet. Ellie asks him for an interview. He tells her the Chosen are finished but he later reveals himself to be secretly working for the Chosen. Wolf falls down the stairs and dies when Jack punches him, proving that Jack is not a coward anymore (because he hid when the Chosen came to the Mall to capture everyone).

Zoot / Martin

Zoot, played by Daniel James, is the original leader and founder of the Locos.

Before the Virus, Zoot was called Martin. He was rebellious and had always felt inferior to his older brother Bray, who was loved by both Trudy and Ebony. Martin had a crush on Trudy but realized she only had eyes for Bray. After the Virus starts spreading, Trudy, feeling scared, sleeps with Martin and becomes pregnant with his child. Taking advantage of the chaos caused by the Virus, Martin creates his Zoot identity and recruits a power-hungry Ebony to form a new Tribe, the Locos. Under his motto of "Power and Chaos" he spreads fear throughout the City and rules mercilessly on his territory. After living with Zoot for a while, Trudy leaves him, fearing for their child and scared of his new personality. Zoot and Ebony become lovers and make prisoner any drifter that passes through their territory.

Series 1: Trudy gives birth to Zoot's daughter, Brady, at the beginning of Series 1. Bray, who had taken care of Trudy since she left the Locos, stays in contact with Zoot and convinces him to come to the Mall to see Brady. Hoping to convince Trudy to come back with him, Zoot agrees and is happy to finally see his daughter. The other Mall Rats wake up and are scared to find the leader of the Locos in their house. Zoot attempts to flee while Bray tries to explain Zoot means them no harm. Zoot fights with Lex and is pushed over the stairs. The fall kills him. Trudy and Bray, with the help of Amber, Jack and Dal, create a warrior burial for Zoot and send him off into the sunrise on a burning boat.

Series 2 – 3: Zoot's influence on the City is still very powerful long after his death. In Series 2, a former member of the Locos, Jaffa, creates a new Tribe, the Chosen, whom worship Zoot as a God. They capture Trudy and Brady to complete "the Holy Trinity". They send Trudy and "Brady" back after brainwashing Trudy. Trudy claims that the Chosen are finished. She is secretly working with the Guardian to take over the City, which they do in the end of season 2. The rebels soon defeat the Chosen.

There is also a flashback episode in season 2 showing how Bray, Trudy, Ebony, and Martin lived before the virus, and how Martin became Zoot.

Series 5: Zoot's image is used by Mega and Java in Series 5, in order to take control over the City. They trick Ebony into creating a new Tribe, the Zootists, that believes Zoot has come back. Mega uses a look-alike dressed like Zoot, Darryl, to convince everyone Zoot is a god. During Series 5, Ram also uses Zoot's image as the face of his Artificial Intelligence program.