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The TryForce
studio album by Starbomb
Released April 19, 2019
Genre Comedy hip hop, Synth-pop,
Nerdcore, Rap rock
Length 32:17
Label Self-released
Producer Jim Roach
Album chronology
The TryForce
(April 19, 2019)

The TryForce is the third studio album by American comedy supergroup Starbomb, composed of Dan Avidan, Arin Hanson and Brian Wecht, released on April 19, 2019.

Songwriting and recording

On a November 28, 2017 episode of Game Grumps, an internet show on which all three Starbomb members work, Avidan and Hanson confirmed that they had finished recording the third Starbomb album in El Paso, Texas. The writing and recording process was very different from previous albums, as the trio challenged themselves by spending only one day writing and recording each song; they also mentioned a tentative release date of December 2018.

Regarding the songwriting process, Hanson stated in July 2018 that the third album was an equal effort between the three members, in opposition to previous albums in which he felt that Avidan and Wecht were responsible for most of the songwriting.


On a July 29, 2018 episode of Game Grumps, Hanson and Avidan announced that the title of the upcoming album was The TryForce, "as in, we're trying our best! We're a force that tries", with a planned December 2018 release. On August 19, 2018, Ninja Sex Party mentioned in a Facebook post that Roach would act as producer.

On December 23, 2018, the official Starbomb Twitter account released an image that was presumed to be a small portion of the album cover for The TryForce; over the course of the next few months, they also released several more portions of the image.

On January 8, 2019, in a Game Grumps video titled "2019 Game Grumps Updates + More!", Avidan and Hanson stated that The TryForce would be due for a late March 2019 release. On February 4, 2019, Starbomb announced in a new animated music video (for their first album's "Regretroid") that the album would instead be released on April 19, 2019.

On March 29, 2019, a Game Grumps video titled "NEW STARBOMB ALBUM (2019)" confirmed that pre-orders for The TryForce would be available April 5, 2019. The tracklist was revealed on April 2, when the band shared the back cover of the album.

Music videos

A music video for "Blowing the Payload" was released on April 5, 2019; the song is simply titled "Overwatch RAP" in the video. On April 12, "A Boy and His Boat" was released on YouTube, after which the band announced a third video to be released on April 19 along with the album, with "Welcome to the Mario Party" having its music video released on the 19th.

Track listing

No. Title Parody Length
1. "Intro (Try)" 1:05
2. "Hardest Fucking Game in the World" Dark Souls 2:39
3. "A Boy and his Boat" The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker 2:17
4. "Filling in the Name Of" Tetris 2:21
5. "Welcome to the Mario Party" Mario, various others 2:57
6. "Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Skit" Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator 0:37
7. "Donkey Kong Joonyer" Donkey Kong Jr. 2:19
8. "A Wild Guitar Solo Appears!" Pokémon 3:03
9. "The Simple Plot of Kingdom Hearts" Kingdom Hearts 3:00
10. "Arin Checks the Mic" 1:14
11. "Blowing the Payload" Overwatch 2:54
12. "Vegeta's Serenade" Dragon Ball Z 3:46
13. "This Song Sucks" Various 3:30
14. "Outro (Force)" 0:35



  • Dan Avidan – rapping, sung vocals
  • Arin Hanson – rapping, sung vocals on "Donkey Kong Joonyer" & "Vegeta's Serenade"
  • Brian Wecht – keyboards, spoken vocals in "Filling in the Name Of" and "The Simple Plot of Kingdom Hearts"

Additional personnel

  • Tupper Ware Remix Party – backup band
    • Lord Phobos – guitar
    • Commander Meouch – bass guitar
    • Doctor Sung – synthesizers, keyboards, modified vocals on "Mario Party"
    • Havve Hogan – drums
  • Jim Roach – production


Chart (2019) Peak
Australian Digital Albums (ARIA) 9
Canadian Albums (Billboard) 96
Scottish Albums (OCC) 44
US Billboard 200 22
US Digital Albums (Billboard) 6
US Independent Albums (Billboard) 2
US Top Album Sales (Billboard) 4
US Top Comedy Albums (Billboard) 1
US Top Rap Albums (Billboard) 10