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The Warlocks of the Fates
Developer(s) Astec21
Publisher(s) SNK
Platform(s) Arcade
Neo Geo AES
Neo Geo CD
Release unreleased
Genre(s) Fighting
Mode(s) Single-player

The Warlocks of the Fates (also known as God Dragon War Record in Japan) is an unreleased 1995 fighting arcade video game that was in development by Astec21 and planned to be published by SNK for the Neo Geo MVS (arcade), Neo Geo AES (home) and Neo Geo CD.

Taking place in the fantasy world of Wonderland, the game follows eight fighters from multiple backgrounds as they enter in either a war held by the demonic Abbadoom or gather divine "Dragon" gemstones on a tournament. Its gameplay consists of one-on-one airborne-based fights, with a main four-button configuration, featuring special moves as well as two playable modes.

The title was shelved for unknown reasons despite being completed.


The Warlocks of the Fates is an airborne-based fantasy themed fighting game reminiscent of Astra Superstars. The player fights against other opponents in one-on-one matches and the fighter who manages to deplete the health bar of the opponent wins the first bout. The first to win two bouts becomes the winner of the match. Each round is timed, which can be adjusted or deactivated in the game options; if both fighters still have health remaining when time expires, the fighter with more health wins the round. The game features multiple levels of difficulty in the options menu.

In single-player mode, players have a roster of eight playable characters, each with their own unique fighting style and special techniques, and fight against computer-controlled fighters. Players have the option to select any of the six elemental gemstones, a gameplay mechanic similar to Marvel Super Heroes but unlike the former, these are picked after choosing a character at the start. The title features two game modes to choose from at the beginning.

The first game mode, "Record of the Divine Dragons War", revolves around one of the eight fighters facing each opponent across Wonderland on a war held by the demon Abbadoom and players have the choice to select their route before any match. Like Street Fighter II: The World Warrior, special moves are performed by entering button commands while moving the 8-way joystick. A notable aspect is the placement of both health bars and timer during gameplay, which is akin to Martial Champion. Failing to win a match during single-player results with a game over unless players insert more credits into the arcade machine to continue playing.


The Warlocks of the Fates features eight playable characters, while more playable characters are fought in single-player modes:

  1. J: a divine male warrior
  2. Laby: a young conjuress girl
  3. Mhuo: a thief
  4. Vanity: a skilled teenage warrior
  5. Kingheit: a dark witch
  6. Skal: a sage
  7. Hirga: an attractive male bard
  8. Isha: a young adult pirate tomboy