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Thunder Beach
studio album by Crumbächer
Released 1987
Genre New wave
Label Frontline
Album chronology
Escape from the Fallen Planet
Thunder Beach
Tame the Volcano

Thunder Beach is a 1987 album by Crumbächer. It received airplay on CCM radio, and contained heavily produced dance/pop music with lots of guitars and keyboards, a big shiny sound which tries with limited success to hide its limited budget. Their songwriting is also typical of many of their Christian Contemporary contemporaries: the songs are melody-driven, and their lyrics benefit from the strength of their convictions. Unfortunately, their convictions are expressed almost entirely in clichés of "Backyard Changes" ("Ain't no hit or miss, So tell it like it is, All your cards on the table").

Crumbächer released the following five songs on Contemporary Christian music radio: "Thunder Beach", "Here Am I", "Backyard Changes", "Tough Act to Follow", and "Once In a Heartbreak".

Track listing

  1. "Backyard Changes"
  2. "Once in a Heartbreak"
  3. "Here Am I"
  4. "Great Little Dancer"
  5. "Way With Words"
  6. "Thunder Beach"
  7. "Tough Act to Follow"
  8. "Middle of a Miracle"
  9. "Terra Firma"
  10. "Only Time"