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First appearance Babylon 5: In the Beginning
Last appearance Falling Toward Apotheosis
Portrayed by Ardwight Chamberlain (voice)
Jeffrey Willerth (animator)
Species Vorlon
Affiliation Babylon 5, Vorlon Empire
Home planet Vorlon homeworld

Ulkesh Naranek is a character within the fictional universe of the science fiction television series Babylon 5. The voice for the character was provided by Ardwight Chamberlain.


Ulkesh is a Vorlon, and is never named in the televised episodes. His role was greatly expanded on (and finally named) in the canon novel To Dream in the City of Sorrows.


The show's creator, J. Michael Straczynski, confirmed that he was the original Kosh's junior in age, if not significantly and that the two of them, even prior to their combat, did not like each other, Ulkesh seeing Kosh as overly indulgent of the younger races and Kosh believing Ulkesh was dangerous, though there was some apparent mutual respect between them.

Fictional biography


In the years 2259 and 2260, Ulkesh served as the Vorlon ambassador to Minbar. During that time, he developed an occasionally adversarial relationship with Earth ambassador Jeffrey Sinclair, recently reassigned from Babylon 5. He was briefly seen in this role in the episode "War Without End, Part I."


Following Kosh's death at the hands of the Shadows, Ulkesh succeeded him on Babylon 5. Upon his arrival, he took on Kosh's name, enigmatically declaring "we are all Kosh." His first order of business was to confirm what the Vorlon Empire knew: Kosh was assassinated by the Shadows and that they had human assistance.

He first suspected Lyta Alexander but when questioning her he discovered that she had not been on the station at the time, was away on Kosh's orders, and thus could not have any involvement. Despite declaring her a failure, he let her go unharmed for reasons unknown, perhaps hoping that she would lead him to the human he sought as he still suspected there was a human connected somehow.

He was proved correct in his beliefs, because after Lyta assisted the Army of Light to defeat a Shadow ship, she returned with news that Kosh may still be alive. This vital piece of information was put on hold when John Sheridan apparently died on the Shadow homeworld allowing the Vorlons to put their secret plans and war fleet into action. Then John Sheridan returned from the dead.

Still contemptuous, arrogant and hateful, Ulkesh became a liability when the Vorlons decided to take up arms against the Shadows' affiliates. He refused to leave the station when Vorlon hostilities threatened friendly planets. He was betrayed to Babylon 5 security forces by Lyta, and killed in single combat with the remnant of Kosh, bolstered by John Sheridan and Lorien.