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Background information
Origin Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
Genres Hip-Hop. Trap, R&B
Years active 2017 - present
Labels Monstar Production
Members Vande

Vandebo is a Mongolian hip hop duo from Darkhan, Mongolia. The band is formed by two friends, Vande and Ebo. In December 8 2018, the band released their debut album Munkhud21.

In 2019, their self-titled second double album The Vandebo was released with 21 tracks. Shka from Monstar Production worked as an executive producer of their second album.

The duo is best known for their single "Savage18", "Sain Bodoj Uzsen uu?" and "Galt Tereg".


Early career

Vandebo's first single was released in 2017 named "Адил биш" which means "Extraordinary". Ebo, the member of the band, had a home studio where he recorded his own music while Vande, the other member, was just starting to write a song. They met at Vande's home and recorded their first single at Ebo's home studio.

Debut album

in 2018, Vandebo signed an album deal with Belucci Records owned by Enerel Gereltsogt, former Opozit's rapper. At the same year, Vandebo started their album release tour from their hometown in June, 2018 and then officially released in December 8 at EON club in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. The album name is Мөнхөд21 meaning Forever 21.

2019 - present

After their album release, the band struggled for their second album. In June, 2019 Vandebo released their hit single "Unana" featuring with Enerel, Belucci Records producer, and rapper. They signed with Monstar Production for their second album deal. In summer 2019, Vandebo's self-titled album was released with 21 tracks at Orgio Kitchen Restaurant. The second album included various music genres from hip-hop to electronic, techno music collaborating with Tuug18, Lil Thug E, Man on The Moon and others.

Same year, Vandebo held their second concert at White Rock Center in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.


Released albums

  • Munkhud21 [Мөнхөд21 in Mongolian] - 2018
  • The Vandebo - 2019