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Vision Éternel
Alexandre Julien, January 2017
Background information
Origin Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Genres Ambient
Years active 2007–present
Labels Abridged Pause Recordings
Mortification Records
Frozen Veins Records
Members Alexandre Julien
Past members Philip Altobelli
Brandon Jacobs
Josh McConnell
Mike Dyball
Nidal Mourad
Adam Kennedy

Vision Éternel is a Canadian ambient and shoegaze band based in Montreal, Quebec. The band was formed in January 2007 by guitarist Alexandre Julien, while experimenting with various guitar effects during a studio recording session. Over the course of its first year, the band had several other members, before Julien ultimately decided to continue Vision Éternel alone. Some of the artists and musicians who have participated in or collaborated with Vision Éternel over the years include members of Mutiny Within, Priestess, An Albatross, Hacride, Boize, Eliminator, Mad Parish, Soufferance, Cara Neir, Beyond the Dune Sea, Citadel Swamp and sister-project Vision Lunar.

The band is known for its concept albums. Because of his dissatisfaction being labeled as an ambient, dark ambient or post-rock band, Julien ultimately coined a new term to describe Vision Éternel's sound: melogaze. The new word allows for a connection between the style of music that is played and the dramatic themes that are represented. The band is also known for portraying a bygone era of Montreal. Part of this image is recreated in videos and pictures which feature Julien wearing fedora hats and turned-up overcoats.

Vision Éternel has released five extended plays: Seul Dans L'obsession in 2007, Un Automne En Solitude in 2008, Abondance De Périls in 2010, The Last Great Torch Song in 2012 and Echoes From Forgotten Hearts in 2015. The first two EPs were released through Mortification Records while Abridged Pause Recordings has released the three most recent ones. In 2009, a Japanese-exclusive compilation entitled An Anthology Of Past Misfortunes was released by Frozen Veins Records, which compiled all of the material originally released by Mortification Records with unreleased b-sides and a poster. The band has also released five music videos: Love Within Narcosis in 2007, Season In Absence (which had two versions) in 2008 and 2010, Pièce No. Trois in 2017 and Sometimes In Longing Narcosis in 2018. A limited edition retrospective boxed set entitled An Anthology Of Past Misfortunes (of no relation to the identically-titled 2009 Japanese compilation) was released by Abridged Pause Recordings in 2018. The boxed set contains all of the material released by the band up to that point along with unreleased material and memorabilia. Vision Éternel is currently working on its sixth extended play, due out in 2019.

Style and themes

Vision Éternel was influenced by post-punk and alternative rock bands and artists of the 1990s such as Faith No More, Swans and The Smashing Pumpkins.

Vision Éternel is generally referred to as an ambient band, though it relies heavily on string instruments, a style more frequently associated with post-rock music. Julien however maintains that the music is too minimalist to be fully qualified as a post-rock band and contains far more elements of dream pop, shoegaze, ethereal and dark ambient, combined with post-punk, emo, post-hardcore and indie rock. Julien coined his own term, melogaze, a portmanteau of shoegaze, a genre the band sympathizes with because of its introspective and introverted elements; and melodrama, a theme that is reflected in each of the band's concept albums.


  • Seul Dans L'obsession (2007)
  • Un Automne En Solitude (2008)
  • An Anthology Of Past Misfortunes (2009)
  • Abondance De Périls (2010)
  • The Last Great Torch Song (2012)
  • Echoes From Forgotten Hearts (2015)
  • An Anthology Of Past Misfortunes (2018)