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Walking With my Soul
Author Jasbeer Singh
Country India
Language English
Genre Fictional Poetry
Publisher Notion Press
Publication date August 2019
Media type Paperback
Pages 54 pages
ISBN 978-1086192254

Walk With my Soul is a 2019 fictional story / poetry book by Jasbeer Singh. It was published by Notion Press on August 2019.

Plot Summary

Walking With my Soul is a short stories / poetry book written in 2019 by Jasbeer Singh. This book has total 15 poems that are backed up by the short stories. As per author, all the stories are based on true events.

The area of these poems ranges from love, struggle, true God to love of a mother. All the poems are written in English language and backed up by a Hindi verses of few lines. Author has tried to present the scenario in stories and then penned down the same in lyrics. The poet has chosen some of the stories from his life which are significant and has narrated them beautifully in the form of a poem and a story.

Each ‘shayari’ would mesmerize you and make you think about it for a considerable period of time. All the poems are written in simple language but the meaning that it carries is very deep and thought-provoking.