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Publication information
Publisher Image Comics
First appearance Wildstar: Sky Zero #1 (1993)
Created by Al Gordon
Jerry Ordway
In-story information
Alter ego Michael "Micky" Gabriel
Notable aliases SoulStar

Superhuman strength, invulnerability, alien-derived exo-membrane
Able to discharge a force blast by short-circuiting the symbiote membrane's bio-circuit

WildStar is a fictional character created by veteran comic book artist Al Gordon, appearing in comic books published by Image Comics. The character first appeared in WildStar: Sky Zero #1 (March 1993).

Publication history

In 1993, WildStar starred in his own miniseries WildStar: Sky Zero, which was written, inked and edited by Gordon, with Jerry Ordway contributing the pencils and John Workman doing the lettering. Afterwards, a short-lived ongoing series titled WildStar, was written, inked and edited by Gordon, with Chris Marrinan penciling and John Workman lettering. The colouring of both series was done by Ruben Rude & Olyoptics.

Both series were published by Image Comics and were a part of their second wave. Erik Larsen's Savage Dragon character made an appearance in the third and fourth issues of the four issue miniseries, WildStar: Sky Zero. The character WildStar also appeared in a few issues of The Savage Dragon, lately as SoulStar.

Fictional character biography

Sky Zero

The mini series, WildStar: Sky Zero revolves around a time loop that causes a future Micky Gabriel to keep repeating a section of time. In traveling back to the present to escape this endless repetition, Gabriel accidentally sets the time loop in motion. His future self gives the Micky Gabriel of the present the WildStar symbiote, an alien weapon which grants him a variety of superhuman abilities, as well as access to memories of the post-apocalyptic future from which the time displaced Gabriel hails. The original host of the symbiote was BloodStar, a barbaric alien warrior contracted by another alien race, the Ra'Zplarr, to invade the Earth of the future, as part of their quest for a certain "special" something seemingly endemic to certain Earth occupants.

Ongoing series

The ongoing series concentrated on the new timeline created during WildStar: Sky Zero, focusing on Micky Gabriel's reluctant association with the WildStar symbiote that contains the memories of a ravaged future Earth. The series reveals more of the devastated Earth's future history.

HotWire and SkyLark, along with villains JumpStart and Blockade, all from the WildStar: Sky Zero miniseries, appear, as well as Mighty Man from Savage Dragon, and Freak Force.

Powers and abilities

Micky Gabriel is empowered by the WildStar, a member of a nonsentient species known as the k'l vann. The WildStar bonds with its host to become a distinct and integral part of the host's metabolism. It connects directly to the body functions that control glands and other bodily processes that chemically influence behavior. The symbiote then "eats" the body chemicals that result from the host's negative emotions. The host in turn is powered by the symbiote's alien chemistry resulting in its wearer being granted superhuman strength, the ability to leap tall buildings in a single bound, and invulnerability. The symbiote's most devastating weapon in its alien arsenal is a force blast that is discharged by the wearer short-circuiting the symbiote membrane's bio-circuit epidermis.