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Win Or Lose
Genre Drama
Created by Mahmudur Rahman Hime
Written by Doyal Saha
Directed by Mahmudur Rahman Hime
Country of origin Bangladesh
Original language(s) Bengali
Executive producer(s) Md. Rashed Hasan
Khorshed Alam
Producer(s) Mushfiqur Rahman Monju
Distributor Bongo BD
Original network Bongo BD
Original release June 2019

Win or Lose is a 2019 Bengali drama starring Mehazabien Chowdhury and Afran Nisho, directed by Mahmudur Rahman Hime.


Ruby, a housewife, dreams to own a car but she is unable to convince her husband to take a loan for it.

When the building community arranges a sports competition with a big sum of prize money, Ruby sees the opportunity to finally buy a car. But to her dismay, her husband does not want to cooperate in the training.

Ruby needs her husband's help to win the competition. Will the couple ace the competition? What is about to happen on the big day?


Mehazabien Chowdhury (Ruby) and her husband Afran Nisho are a married couple. Mehazabien dreams to own a car but her husband rejects the idea, reminding her about the expenses. That does not stop Mehazabien from wanting to dream for it.

When the building community, where the couple lives, arranges a sports competition, Mehazabien finds herself closer to the dream. They could bag a hefty amount if they can win the competition. But for that, Mehazabien must train her lazy and unmotivated husband who pretends to get injured during their practice. Through all obstacles, Mehazabien remains strongly focused on her goal.

Afran Nisho begins to realize his wife's dream and puts his effort in practising. Now that the couple has united and prepared themselves for the big day, will Mehazabien's desire to win the competition be fulfilled? Or will some other couple become a threat in their path to success?


  • Ruby: Mehazabien Chowdhury - Wife: Afran Nisho's wife and the lead character in the drama. She tries to motivate her husband for the sports competition.
  • Afran Nisho - Husband: Mehazabien's husband who is also the lead character. He is unmotivated about the competition but later changes his mind.
  • Urmi Rahman Mishti - Sports competitor: Competes with Mehazabien in the competition.
  • Tanzim Hasan Anik - Sports competitor: Competes with Afran Nisho in the competition.
  • Kazi Uzzal - Sports Announcer