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Wings of Fire
Author Tui T. Sutherland
Illustrator Joy Ang (covers and guides)
Mike Holmes (graphic novels and maps)
Country United States
Language English
Genre Fantasy
Young adult fiction
Publisher Scholastic
Publication date 1 July 2012 - present
Media type Print (hardback & paperback)

Wings of Fire is a series of fantasy novels written by author Tui T. Sutherland and published by Scholastic Corporation.

The series currently consists of three arcs, which focus on young dragons fulfilling prophecies in a fantasy world.

The first arc consists of five books, as does the second arc. The third arc is incomplete and is still in progress, as so far three books have been released, with the fourth being scheduled to be released March 2nd 2021.

Wings of Fire has a separate series that diverges from the arcs, that series being called Wings of Fire: Legends, which retells the story of significant historical events that somehow impact on the main series, with so far two released books in the series, Darkstalker and Dragonslayer.

There is also another series of stories titled Winglets with four books. Prisoners, Assassin, Deserter, and Runaway.


Arc 1: The Dragonet Prophecy

Prophecy: The Dragonet Prophecy

Book 1: The Dragonet Prophecy

Release date: July 1st, 2012

Point of View: Clay, Hvitur (prologue only)

In the prologue, an IceWing named Hvitur, who works for the Talons of Peace, attempts to bring the SkyWing egg of the prophecy to the mountain where it will be raised. However, he is killed by Burn, who throws the egg off a cliff, shattering it. Webs, another member of the Talons, decides to get a RainWing egg as a replacement, despite Kestrel's protests, one of the other members.

The dragonets hatch and are raised in a cave by Webs, Dune(the final member), and Kestrel. The five dragonets are: Clay (MudWing), Tsunami (SeaWing), Glory (RainWing), Starflight (NightWing), and Sunny (SandWing).

Six years later, the dragonets and their guardians meet Morrowseer, the NightWing who created the prophecy. Tsunami tries to convince Morrowseer to take the dragonets with him, but to no avail. After Morrowseer leaves, the guardians chain Tsunami up and plan to kill Glory, the replacement RainWing, because Morrowseer asked them to. Clay eavesdrops on their guardians and finds out that Kestrel is coming to kill Glory at night. He tells the other dragonets of destiny, and upon hearing this, they decide to escape and form a plan, consisting of Clay swimming down the river and clearing the entrance that leads to the outside world.

While Clay is swimming in the river, he ends up passing out in the water from a sort of flesh-eating organism. He is awoken by Tsunami, who was able to escape her chains and save him, by washing away the organisms. The two venture out into the outside world for the first time and meet Queen Scarlet of the SkyWings, who is suspicious of them. Tsunami stabs her in the tail to escape. The two head back to the cave, where they roll the boulder, but it turns out that Scarlet has tracked them down and now has reinforcements. Webs escapes, but Scarlet kills Dune and takes the dragonets and Kestrel hostage.

The dragonets are taken to Scarlet's arena. Clay, Tsunami, and Starflight are kept as prisoners to fight in the arena, while Glory is chained to a marble tree and kept as a decoration. Sunny is held captive in Burn's guest room and was intended to be an addition to Burn's collection of deformed creatures. Clay befriends Peril, a firescales SkyWing (a common type of SkyWings, who assuming they have a twin in the egg will get too much fire and leave the twin with little to none at all. They are usually killed because of the danger they pose) dragonet and the queen's champion.

In the arena, Clay goes against an IceWing named Fjord. Despite Clay's reluctance to fight, he fares fairly well, though some mysterious venom suddenly killed Fjord.

Clay and Peril see Kestrel's trial. Osprey, Peril's only friend, defends Kestrel by explaining Kestrel's life: Kestrel went through the breeding program and hatched an egg with two twin dragonets, one with too much fire and one with too little fire. They were both determined to be dangerous, and Kestrel was ordered to kill one of them by Scarlet. She killed the dragonet with too little fire, and even though Scarlet said she'd forgive her, she changed her mind and ordered to have the other dragonet killed. Kestrel tried to escape with her only daughter but was badly burned and had to leave the only daughter she had behind. Peril realizes that she is the dragonet in the story and that Kestrel is her mother. Peril says that she will fight on behalf of Kestrel, citing an old law saying that the queen's champion can free any prisoner if they win a battle. An enraged Scarlet sends flightless Osprey falling to his death.

That night, Burn arrives at the SkyWing palace to celebrate Scarlet's hatching day and collect Sunny. Clay attempts to see Peril again by singing a song about the Dragonets of Destiny. This causes the other prisoners to sing along and reassures Clay that dragons want the war to end and believe in the dragonets. Scarlet comes to the arena and locks Clay, Tsunami, and Starflight in Peril's room. Starflight then came up with a plan to escape. As they approach Scarlet's hatching day feast, the three dragonets are betrayed by Peril due to her jealousy of wanting Clay to be her only friend. Clay realizes that he is immune to fire after accidentally touching Peril and feeling no effects, and Scarlet explains that this is because Clay was hatched out of a blood-red MudWing egg.

In the arena, Tsunami is pitted against Gill, a SeaWing driven insane due to extreme dehydration. Tsunami snaps Gill's neck in retaliation for Scarlet mocking her. Tsunami and Starflight are forced to fight each other but refuse, so Scarlet sends out four scavengers** for them to fight instead. The two female scavengers survive (the female humans/scavengers being named Rowan and Cranberry, according to "Dragonslayer"). Scarlet then sends several IceWings into the arena. Morrowseer suddenly appears with a group of NightWings. The NightWings kill all of the IceWings and take Starflight with them against his will.

Clay and Peril are forced to fight each other in exchange for Kestrel's freedom. Clay is reluctant to fight, as he considers Peril to be his friend. Scarlet yells at Clay to use his venom, confusing him. Glory suddenly "awakes" (she had been secretly awake the whole time), frees herself from her marble tree prison, and spits venom towards Scarlet, revealing herself to be the one who killed Fjord. Chaos ensues as Scarlet is disfigured and severely wounded by the venom, and the dragonets and Peril can escape. They rescue both Sunny and Kestrel and head off towards the Diamond Spray River. Kestrel tells the dragonets the origins of their eggs and flies off into the unknown. Peril returns to the SkyWing Palace. The dragonets decide to head to the Mud Kingdom, where they can meet Clay's family.

In the Mud Kingdom, a group of MudWings take Clay and Glory, who is now disguised as a MudWing, to see Clay's mother Cattail. Clay learns that Cattail does not care about him and even sold his egg for two cows. Clay meets his siblings (Reed, Marsh, Pheasant, Sora, Umber, and Crane, the latter who died in an earlier battle before Clay could meet her) soon after. The group leader, Reed, asks Clay to be a part of their group, as Clay was meant to be the original BigWings (the oldest and leader of the sibling group). Clay declines, saying that his friends need him. Clay and Glory leave and meet up with Tsunami, Sunny, and Starflight, who have returned. The dragonets decide to go to the Kingdom of the Sea and meet Tsunami's family: the SeaWing Royal Family.

In the epilogue, Queen Blister meets with Morrowseer. Morrowseer tells Blister of his plan to get Starflight to convince the other dragonets to choose her. Kestrel then arrives, hearing news from Morrowseer that the dragonets are in trouble, which wasn't true. But Blister kills Kestrel and Morrowseer throws her body into the sea.

*In the graphic novels, the prologue consists of Clay hatching, then trying to break the other's shells. Dune asks what's wrong with him, and Kestrel replies, "Nothing, he's just what we need, a little monster." This is actually a normal MudWing thing; The BigWings of the group always frees their sibs from their eggs.

** Or IceWings in the graphic novels.

Book 2: The Lost Heir

Release date: January 1st, 2013

Point of View: Tsunami, Webs (prologue only), Blister and Morrowseer (epilogue only)

In the prologue, Webs meets up with several members of the Talons of Peace, including their leader Nautilus. The members all agree to kill Webs for the better of the group, but Crocodile, a MudWing dragon, saves him. Crocodile encourages Webs to return to the Kingdom of the Sea, saying that she heard Queen Coral has changed and will be merciful to him.*

Tsunami and her friends are now near the sea and are preparing to fly to the Summer Palace, one of the Kingdom of the sea's two palaces. However, they spot SkyWing soldiers. The dragonets hide, and after most of them fly away, Tsunami can knock the last one out who she thought saw Sunny, which angers her friends. This upsets Tsunami, who doesn't understand why they are mad at her.

The dragonets continue on their journey, and one morning, Tsunami decides to go into the ocean while the other dragonets are asleep. She finds a SeaWing and decides to follow him. He tries to communicate with her in Aquatic, the SeaWing tribe's special underwater language. Tsunami, who doesn't understand Aquatic, responds by flashing her stripes back without knowing she was communicating (she actually says "Hey, sparkling teeth, I totally adore three of your claws but not the others, and I wish your nose was a herring so I could eat it, and also your wings sound like sharks snoring."). The SeaWing lunges at her, and she attacks him in retaliation. Once they get on land, the SeaWing explains to Tsunami about Aquatic. He sees Clay and Sunny and begins to attack them, and accuses Tsunami of being a traitor after trying to defend her friends. Tsunami retorts that they're the Dragonets of Destiny.

The SeaWing, who introduces himself as Riptide, offers to take the dragonets to the Summer Palace, though makes Clay and Sunny go blindfolded with kelp and seaweed. On their way to the palace, they meet up with Tsunami's uncle and Queen Coral's brother, Commander Shark, who identifies Tsunami as a member of the royal family and first orders to kill all of them but her. Still, she orders him not to, and he reluctantly agrees to take the other dragonets with them. They arrive at the Summer Palace, and Tsunami meets her mother, Queen Coral, and her little sister Anemone. The other dragonets are sent away to stay in another cave while Coral talks to Tsunami.

Moray, Tsunami's cousin, informs the queen that there has been a dead SkyWing found in the ocean, and Coral brings Tsunami along to investigate. Tsunami realizes in horror that the dead SkyWing is Kestrel, killed from a SandWing tail barb and a slash to the throat.

After spending the night in the palace, Tsunami attends a meeting with the queen and her small council. While at the council, Tsunami says that she and her friends were in the Sky Kingdom. Coral begins asking if she saw a SeaWing named Gill. Tsunami reveals that Gill is dead, driven insane by dehydration but carefully did not mention that she killed him. Coral tells Tsunami that Gill was her husband and Tsunami's father. At the meeting, Tsunami connects the dots around Kestrel's death and figures out that it is Blister.

A distraught Tsunami is taken to an Aquatic lesson taught by Coral's scribe Whirlpool. Tsunami dislikes Whirlpool and finds the lesson to be useless. She runs away and finds Riptide, who teaches her some important Aquatic phrases, and the two have a conversation, with Riptide wanting to know more about his father, Webs. Unknown to Riptide, Tsunami begins developing feelings for him at this point. As she returns to the castle, she is attacked by an unknown dragon wearing armor. She fights back, and once she goes to the castle, she tells her mother about it. Coral realizes that the attacker might be going for the eggs and rushes to the SeaWing Royal Hatchery with her daughters. However, she is too late, and one of Coral's daughters has been killed, with only one female egg left.**

Coral kills Tortoise, the dragon who was supposed to be guarding the eggs. Tsunami, using the Aquatic she learned from Riptide, vows to protect and keep the remaining egg safe until it is hatched.

Tsunami goes to find her friends and realizes the terrible conditions that they have been kept in. She convinces a few guards to give her the key, and Sunny agrees to help take care of the egg.

The next day, Tsunami goes to watch Anemone train, where she learns that her sister is an animus. Coral and Blister talk about their plan for Anemone, their weapon for the war. Their conversation is interrupted by rustling in the canopy above. It turns out that the SkyWings found the Summer Palace, and it is also revealed that Crocodile, the MudWing that was held prisoner, was a spy for Burn's army. This is how the SkyWings found the palace. Glory kills Crocodile with her venom. Blister scratched Web's tail with her barb, but they escape the chaos. SkyWings attack the palace, and the dragonet s manage to escape, along with the egg, Anemone, and Coral. Later the egg hatches and Tsunami names the dragonet Auklet, after a seabird. The dragonets decide to find Glory's family, and head to the Rainforest Kingdom.

  • In the graphic novels, The prologue consists of Tsunami reading a scroll titled "The Missing Princess."
    • The season is soon discovered to be an enchanted statue of Orca, who thought she would defeat her mother in a challenge and wanted to rule forever, with no heirs. She was sadly mistaken and died in the challenge.

Book 3: "The Hidden Kingdom"

Release Date: May 28th, 2013

Point of View: Glory, Nautilus (prologue only), Fatespeaker (epilogue only)

In the prologue, Nautilus and Morrowseer are watching the fa

Glory and her friends, along with Webs, go to the rainforest. Glory was excited, thinking she would meet her family.

As Glory and her friends were searching for the RainWings, one by one the dragonets started to disappear except Glory and Starflight, who discover that two RainWings, Jambu and Liana, used sleeping darts on their friends. The two explain this is how they take newcomers to properly meet them in their village. Glory also discovers that the RainWing queens take one-month shifts being the queen. The current queen is Queen Magnificent. Glory also meets two RainWings; One is named Mangrove, who explains to her that RainWings have been disappearing from the forest, such as his friend Orchid; and Bromeliad's student Kinkajou, a young RainWing dragonet who was venom training with her.

Glory quickly notices that RainWings were not the tribe she was hoping for. They seem to be unaware of any dangers and don't even know their fellow dragons were missing. Later, as Jambu, a RainWing, was explaining how RainWings took care of each other, Glory does the venom test, a way that RainWings know who is related to who, and Glory and Jambu turn out to be brother and sister.

Glory discovers a secret tunnel to the Kingdom of Sand, and Mangrove decides to go through, hoping he can find Orchid. So the dragonets and Jambu go through and fly to the Ice Kingdom, hoping to find Princess Blaze, before resting for the night. Glory wakes early and decides to fly around when she meets Deathbringer, a NightWing that she doesn't know is planning to kill her. Glory and Jambu traveled through the Ice Kingdom to find Mangrove, and they find him while in Blaze's fortress while disguised as IceWings. The dragonets of destiny meet Blaze and are shocked by her helplessness. Deathbringer finds the dragonets with Blaze and he attempts to kill her. Glory stops him, but not before Blaze and Tsunami were injured. Glory tells him to leave, and the dragonets leave Blaze to the IceWings coming to rescue her, returning to the rainforest with cactus juice that will cure Webs' venomous scratch from Blister.

Glory promises to find out who is taking the RainWings, making a plan with Tsunami to wait and catch the monster at night, since Tsunami can see in the dark. They catch Deathbringer and tie him up to interrogate him. After tying his snout, Glory is knocked out and put into a bag, soon realizing that the RainWings have been taken by the NightWings. Like the tunnel to the desert, another one leads to the secret island of the NightWings. The NightWings have been using the RainWings to test their venom to invade the Rainforest; the other tunnel was so that reinforcements from the Sand Kingdom could come through. Glory meets Kinkajou, the young RainWing dragonet that has also been taken prisoner.

Deathbringer and Clay come to rescue Glory and Kinkajou and escape to the rainforest just in time, planning to rescue other RainWings when they come back with backup. Glory then decides to send an expedition to the NightWing Kingdom but is unable to convince Queen Magnificent. She decides to challenge Magnificent to be the queen, but she deems it too violent. Glory learns that previously, RainWing queens would issue competitions instead of battling it out. The four other RainWing queens, Dazzling, Grandeur, Exquisite, and Fruit Bat are introduced and Glory is required to pick her own team. She picks Kinkajou, Mangrove, Jambu, and Tamarin, a blind RainWing Kinkajou had mentioned being one of her friends; realizing that it was a trick to get her to pick her friends even though the challenges were RainWing-specialized. The first match, a race among the trees, is between Jambu and Exquisite, and Jambu loses due to Exquisite cheating, giving Magnificent's team a point. The second, Fruit Bat and Tamarin must find a certain flower among a flower field, and Tamarin is revealed to have an extremely keen sense of smell and wins. In the third match, a camouflage competition between Magnificent and Glory, Glory loses because Magnificent cheats again. In the fourth match, a fruit-gathering contest between Mangrove and Dazzling, Mangrove wins despite their other attempt to cheat, giving Glory's team a point. The last match, a venom-spitting contest, is between Grandeur and Kinkajou. Grandeur wins at first, but then after accidentally hitting Kinkajou, Glory is revealed to be related to her. In the end, Grandeur forfeits knowing Glory would be a better Queen than the others, also because Glory, like her, was descended from royal blood. Therefore, Glory becomes the new queen of the RainWings. However, Starflight disappears again, with Clay thinking that he might've gone to warn the NightWings.

In the epilogue, Fatespeaker, the "alternative" NightWing Dragonet of Destiny, along with the other "alternatives", sit in a cave waiting for Morrowseer. Fatespeaker sees a knocked-out NightWing dragonet coming from the entrance, with two other NightWings escorting the dragonet. And she believes the dragonet to be a part of her destiny.

Book 4: "The Dark Secret"

Release Date: October 29th, 2013

Point of View: Starflight, Reed (prologue only), Burn, Blister, and Queen Glacier (epilogue only)

In the prologue, Reed is thinking about Clay while they are patrolling the land surrounding camp as Umber (his brother) thinks that he sees some IceWings. Then when they start talking about the Dragonet Prophecy, the IceWings that Umber smelled ambushed them. The patrol fought well but they retreated to their home. Reed and his siblings were thinking about why IceWings were so far in the Mud Kingdom.

Starflight gets kidnapped and taken to the NightWing island. He expects to find that the NightWings are truly not kidnapping RainWings no matter what Glory had told him. He meets Fatespeaker, a NightWing who was one of the alternate "Dragonets of Prophecy" and they become friends.

Morrowseer knows whos father is, and Starflight meets his father, Mastermind. Fatespeaker becomes interested in the mysterious Queen Battlewinner, and convinces Starflight to meet her.

They discover she had a fight with an IceWing and was 'frostbreathed' down her throat, so she had to live in a pot of lava to stay alive.

Starflight and Fatespeaker escape to the rain forest, and they plan an invasion with his friends. In the end, they have to confront Queen Battlewinner, who, in anger of Queen Glory provoking her, leaves the lava and freezing her to death. The volcano erupts and with little time the NightWings agree to accept Glory as their queen, a ball of very bright fire is thrown through the tunnel as the NightWings all escape, and Morrowseer reveals the truth: that the prophecy is a lie. The fireball kills him and blinds Starflight.

Book 5: "The Brightest Night"

Release Date: March 25th, 2014

Point of View: Sunny, Queen Oasis (prologue only)

In the prologue, Queen Oasis sees scavengers outside. It ends right before they attack her.

Sunny finds Starflight badly burned after the volcano explosion. Before she can get a closer look, a NightWing drags her away. It turns out there are three, Fierceteeth, Strongwings, and Preyhunter. She tries to lie to them that the other dragonets of destiny wouldn't care if she was gone, but Fierceteeth tells them that Starflight would.

They plan to hand Sunny over to Burn, so she'll help them take over the rainforest, as Fierceteeth wants to be the queen of the Rainforest Kingdom. Sunny escapes and follows the three NightWings. While they are traveling through the desert Sunny, warms Preyhunter with her wings after she sees him having a nightmare. She steals the enchanted Obsidian Mirror (which will show the user any other dragon) when they're sleeping, and follows them to the Scorpion Den, where Sunny meets the leader of a group in the scorpion den, Thorn. It turns out Thorn is her mother, although she still doesn't know why she looks weird. Sunny gets kidnapped by a SandWing named Addax and is taken to Burn's stronghold, there she meets Smolder, Blister's brother. Thorn invades Burn's stronghold while she isn't there. They rescue Sunny, and Peril was also there to free ex-queen Scarlet. After the stronghold, Sunny meets her father, who is an animus NightWing named Stonemover. The dragonets decide to bring the three princesses together to decide who would become queen. While that was happening, a Dragonbite Viper escaped from a box that Burn had been given from Blister (an attempt on her life), which kills Burn and bites Clay. Peril burns out the poison and Sunny figures out that the missing treasure was hidden in Queen Oasis's grave. Blister tries to steal the Eye of Onyx (which could make the wearer queen), but instead, it killed her. The Eye chooses Thorn to be queen and Blaze allows it, making Sunny a princess. In the epilogue, the Dragonets of Destiny decided they would turn Jade Mountain into a school for all the dragon tribes. Also, Thorn and Prince Smolder become an item.

Arc 2: The Jade Mountain Prophecy

The second arc is centered around another prophecy, this time delivered by a young NightWing, MoonWatcher. Prophecy: The Jade Mountain Prophecy

Book 6: "Moon Rising"

Release date: December 30th, 2014

Point of View: Moonwatcher aka Moon (NightWing), Secretkeeper (prologue only), Scarlet (epilogue only)

Moon goes to Jade Mountain Academy, where she discovers another mind-reader, Darkstalker, who has been trapped underground for many centuries. She is the only one who can hear him whereas she is a mind-reader herself. Darkstalker tells her that the only thing that can set him free is a magic scroll that has his animus powers in it. Moon promises to bring him the scroll and set him free. Later, an explosion is set off, killing two students. Then, the next day, a stalagmite nearly kills Icicle, Winter's sister, she then realizes that her clawmate, Sora, Clay's sister has failed to kill her after Icicle killed her sister, Crane, Icicle then attempts to kill Sora but fails. She then attempts to kill Starflight, as Scarlet had told her to use the dreamvisitor, she is stopped by Moon, Qibli, and Winter. In the end, Moon gives the Jade Mountain Prophecy: the first real prophecy in 2,000 years.

Book 7: "Winter Turning"

Release date: June 30th, 2015

Point of View: Prince Winter (IceWing), Prince Hailstorm (prologue only) Darkstalker (epilogue)

Winter searches for his dangerous sister, Icicle, and his missing brother, Hailstorm, with the help of Moon, Kinkajou, and Qibli.

Book 8: "Escaping Peril"

Release date: December 29th, 2015

Point of View: Peril (SkyWing), Princess Ruby (prologue only) Starflight (epilogue)

Peril searches for the dangerous Queen Scarlet and Prince Turtle goes with her. With dangerous menace along the way...

Book 9: "Talons of Power"

Release date: December 27th, 2016

Point of View: Prince Turtle (SeaWing), King Gill (prologue only) Omniscience to Hailstorm (epilogue only)

Darkstalker rises from his underground prison and convinces the NightWings to make him their king. They then travel to the old Night Kingdom: the lost city of night, Where Turtle must face his fears.

Book 10: "Darkness of Dragons"

Release date: July 25th, 2017

Point of View: Qibli (SandWing), Palm (prologue only), Moon, Winter, Peril, Turtle, and Qibli (Epilogue)

Qibli must stop Darkstalker and his evil grandfather, Vulture (who leads the Scorpion Den, and the evil Talons of Power). He goes to the Scorpion Den, Queen Thorn's palace, and the Night Kingdom. Then, Darkstalker takes the NightWings to Jade Mountain to battle the IceWings: the 'ice' in 'thunder and ice', from the prophecy.

Arc 3: The Lost Continent Prophecy

The third arc is centered around a prophecy involving the lost continent, Pantala. Prophecy: The Lost Continent Prophecy

Book 11: "The Lost Continent"

Release date: June 26th, 2018

Point of View: Blue (SilkWing), Clearsight (prologue), Luna (epilogue)

The prologue consists of Clearsight using her visions to guide her to Pantala, in order to stop SilkWings and LeafWings from dying at the hands of an approaching hurricane.

Two thousand years later, Blue and Luna go out to enjoy Luna's last day before her Metamorphosis. They're harassed by HiveWings inside a honey store, but Lady Scarab vouches for them. Blue discovers that Luna's silk glands are glowing orange instead of white, and when her Metamorphosis starts it is revealed that she is a flamesilk.

Swordtail's sister Io forces Blue to run away from the HiveWing guards on the grounds that they want to capture him, too, given that he may be a flamesilk as well. They witness the HiveWing mind control for the first time, and Blue escapes into a HiveWing school where he meets Cricket, a HiveWing who can't be controlled by Wasp. Cricket helps him hide from the other HiveWings, and the two of them fall in love; SilkWing-HiveWing relationships are forbidden by law, though they are still relatively common.

After disguising himself as another SilkWing using paint, Blue and Cricket rescue Swordtail from Misbehaver's Way using a plant stimulant that gives Swordtail superstrength and turns his eyes and silk green. They cross the savannah toward Wasp Hive and hide in a large sinkhole for two days.

When the trio gets to Wasp Hive, they're captured by LeafWings Belladonna, Hemlock, and Sundew, who use them to steal the Book of Clearsight. Blue is captured by Wasp and taken to the flamesilk cavern, where he's reunited with Luna and meets his father, Admiral. After two more days, Luna completes her Metamorphosis, she and Blue try to convince their father to escape the cavern with them, and Blue discovers that he is, in fact, a flamesilk.

Far away from Wasp Hive, Luna is testing out her wings when she and Swordtail are attacked by HiveWing soldiers. Sundew joins the fight, Luna tries to use her flamesilk to help and is instead blown out to sea. Swordtail goes after her, and Blue tries to join him but begins his own Metamorphosis.

In the epilogue, Luna wakes up on Pyrrhia with an injured ankle and is taken in by Jerboa. She meets Moon and Qibli, and after discovering that Moon can see the future as Clearsight could, she swears vengeance upon the HiveWings.

Book 12: "The Hive Queen"

Release date: December 26th, 2018

Point of View: Cricket (HiveWing), Moon (prologue), Tsunami, Luna (epilogue)

In the prologue, Moon tells Luna of the prophecy she'd been having, and they speculate what each part of the prophecy could mean. Qibli brings Tsunami and her brother Turtle, who explains that no one can use animus magic for an unknown reason. Tsunami then suggests that the two of them swim to Pantala.

Cricket is guarding Blue's cocoon when Sundew returns to her cave with Swordtail in tow. They talk over their plans for when Blue wakes up, and decide to learn what causes Wasp's mind control and if it can be broken. Swordtail keeps looking for Luna while Blue grows his wings.

After Blue wakes up, the four dragonets fly to Jewel Hive, where they blend in by heavily accessorizing per Cricket's instructions. They find a message from the Chrysalis, an underground resistance movement by SilkWings, and wait out the day in a water tower. Cricket speaks to her sister, Katydid, in their mother's house, where she reveals that Cricket's mother and father aren't her real parents. This leaves Cricket wondering if she's a SilkWing-HiveWing hybrid, a thought that had never occurred to her before meeting Blue.

They meet with the Chrysalis, who don't really help. The Chrysalis dragons agree to help Sundew burn down the Hives, much to Cricket and Blue's horror. They then hide from Wasp-controlled soldiers, who reveal that Katydid is hiding out at Lady Scarab's mansion. At the mansion, Cricket learns that Scarab can't be mind-controlled and tries to see if she knows why. Cricket tells Scarab the Book of Clearsight's contents and decides that the rest of the HiveWings should know too.

Cricket and the others create flyers that contain the truth about the Book, but she is soon captured by Wasp, who promises she can add Cricket to the Hive-mind. Lady Jewel grants her an escape route in exchange for information on what Wasp does during her Nest visits. Cricket discovers that Wasp injects unborn dragonets with a green substance that allows her to mind control her subjects while rescuing an orphaned egg in the process.

The next day, the egg hatches, and Cricket names her Bumblebee. They discover that Belladonna went ahead and burned down Bloodworm Hive without waiting for Sundew's report, making her furious. They also find out that Wasp's mind control comes from a vine she keeps in a greenhouse. They destroy the greenhouse and fly to the Poison Jungle, where the LeafWings have been living since the Tree Wars.

Tsunami and Turtle have reached Pantala inside the Poison Jungle, where they're attacked by a giant anaconda but saved by Willow, who tells them to turn back. Moon tells Luna that the dragons of Pantala are coming to Pyrrhia soon.

Book 13: "The Poison Jungle"

Release date: July 30th, 2019

Point of View: Sundew (LeafWing), Bryony (LeafWing, prologue), Jerboa (epilogue)

In the prologue, Bryony is discussing the plans for Bloodworm Hive with Hemlock and Pokeweed when Grayling, a Chrysalis SilkWing, shows up. Grayling informs them that all SilkWings have been evacuated from the webs and are ready to escape when the time comes.

Sundew leads the way through the Poison Jungle and warns her friends of the danger; Swordtail is immediately eaten by a venus dragon-trap despite it. Sundew is forced to reveal her leafspeak in order to save him. They meet up with Wolfsbane, Nettle, and her fiancé, Mandrake, and head to the LeafWing village. Belladonna is furious that Sundew brought Blue, Cricket, Swordtail, and Bumblebee into the village, but Sundew defends them and unintentionally gets them labeled as hostages. She joins the rest of her tribe for a victory feast at Bloodworm Hive's destruction, then sneaks out of the village.

Sundew meets with her girlfriend, Willow, and explains what happened while she was gone. Queen Sequoia reveals herself and demands that Sundew returns to Willow's village so she can retell her story in greater detail. There, Sundew meets Hazel, Sequoia's heir, as well as Turtle and Tsunami. Sequoia reveals that she knows the mind control vine, calling it the breath of evil.

The next day, Belladonna arrives with Cricket, Bumblebee, and Swordtail, who is reunited with Io. Queen Sequoia tells them the Legend of the Hive, then sends them to meet Hawthorn, who has been keeping watch over the breath of evil. On the way, Nettle is almost eaten by a giant pitcher plant and Sundew, along with Bumblebee, by a sundew. They find Hawthorn, surrounded by mind-controlled Dragonbite Vipers and driven mad by isolation. He insists that he's found a cure, but also reveals that he's the one who gave the breath of evil to Queen Wasp and thus granting her mind-control.

They bring the cure back to the village with war imminent. They test the cure on a HiveWing and it appears to work, so they plan to light a bonfire using the cure and plan to create more using leafspeak. Too late, they realize that the "cure" is actually more breath of evil, was controlling Hawthorne the whole time, and can affect anyone. Sundew escapes with Mandrake, Cricket, and Willow, discovering a map to Pyrrhia hidden within the Book of Clearsight. They take the map with them so they can fly to Pyrrhia with the rest of the LeafWings and the present SilkWings, and Io agrees to take a copy of the map so the rest of the SilkWings can follow them.

In the epilogue, Jerboa meets with Queen Snowfall about expanding the Great Ice Cliff, as Snowfall fears the dragons approaching from Pantala are an invasion. Jerboa explains that animus magic isn't working, and Snowfall storms off calling her useless; Jerboa seems to like this notion.

Book 14: "The Dangerous Gift"

Release date: Set for March 2, 2021

Point of view: Snowfall (IceWing)

Legends Series

The Legends books are a side series to the main story, detailing the history behind the dragon world and unexplained gaps in the series.

Legends: Darkstalker

Release date: June 28, 2016

Points of View: Prince Arctic (Prologue only; IceWing), Darkstalker (NightWing/IceWing hybrid dragonet), Prince Fathom (SeaWing Animus), and Clearsight (Empowered NightWing), and Indigo (Epilogue only; SeaWing).

This intriguing story tells about the life, goodness, and the (unfortunate) evilness of Darkstalker, resulting in being shockingly betrayed by his one love and best friend, Clearsight, and Fathom.

Legends: Dragonslayer

Release date: March 3, 2020

This story details the truths behind Queen Oasis's murder and how the sandwing treasure horde was taken and returned to the dragons.

Points of View: Ivy, Leaf, and Wren (three humans, known by dragons as scavengers), Stone (prologue only), Prince Undauntable (epilogue only)

Winglets Series

Winglets are a series of short stories, first published as e-books, that focus on minor characters. Like the "Legends" books, they also fill in gaps from the main story. There are currently four stories in the series, and Tui has expressed interest in writing more in the future.

Winglets 1: Prisoners

Release date: March 31, 2015

Points of View: Fierceteeth (NightWing), Saugraro (SandWing)

It follows back-and-forth notes between Fierceteeth and her SandWing guard about her past life.

Winglets 2: Assassin

Release date: September 29, 2015

Point of View: Deathbringer (NightWing)

Deathbringer must prove himself to the NightWings.

Winglets 3: Deserter

Release date: March 29, 2016

Point of View: Six-Claws (SandWing)

Six-Claws must decide to abandon Burn's army and flee to the Scorpion Den.

Winglets 4: Runaway

Release date: September 27, 2016

Points of View: Prince Arctic (IceWing), Foeslayer (NightWing), and Princess Snowflake (IceWing).

Tells the story of when Foeslayer and Arctic leave the Ice Kingdom.


Main Characters

Arc 1

In the first arc, the main protagonists are the Dragonets of Destiny, who are part of a prophecy that states that they are destined to end The War of SandWing Succession and bring peace to the seven warring tribes. The dragonets are:

  • Clay, who narrates The Dragonet Prophecy. He is the MudWing mentioned in the prophecy, with his egg being sold by his mother Cattail to her sister Asha. Clay can be described as kind, clumsy, and friendly, however, in the first book, there is a lot of portrayed internal conflict, with him questioning whether he was the dragon everyone else expected him to be. Clay has a strong bond with all of his friends and plays a peacemaker role, tending to be the one that stops or prevents conflicts from occurring. As a result of being a Mudwing, which are notorious for requiring large amounts of food to be satisfied, Clay loves food and will always look for a chance to eat or try new foods, and even has the habit of dreaming of food within the series. He isn't the brightest of the bunch but is fiercely loyal to his friends and family. As a result of being born from a blood-red egg, he has fireproof scales, which he uses numerous times to save himself and his companions. Clay has five siblings who he is close to and would have been the BigWings of their group if he had not been sold. He has romantic teases with Peril, who has a crush on him, but it is unknown if he likes her back, but there are some hints to it. In a possible future, an orange-brown dragonet is shown. This is possibly the child of Clay and Peril.
  • Princess Tsunami, who narrates The Lost Heir. She is the SeaWing of the prophecy, and her egg was stolen from the SeaWing Royal Hatchery by Webs. Tsunami is fierce, strong-willed, stubborn, and bold, though she is fiercely determined to do what's right and is a loyal and dependable dragon. Tsunami is the self-proclaimed leader of the group and insists on making most of the decisions, but she learns to also listen to others' decisions as the series progresses. She wants nothing but to reunite with her family and her tribe but grows increasingly disillusioned with that dream in The Lost Heir, realizing that while she does love her family, her friends are more important to her, even though they bicker often. She bears a strong hatred towards the Talons of Peace for stealing her egg and making the first six years of her life miserable. Tsunami is also a member of the SeaWing royal family, as the daughter of Queen Coral, and has two sisters, Anemone and Auklet, and thirty-two brothers. In The Lost Heir, there have been some indications that Tsunami has a crush on Riptide, a fellow SeaWing and in a possible future, a blue dragonet is shown; It is possible that this is the child of Tsunami and Riptide. It was confirmed by Tui before the release of The Lost Continent that Tsunami and Riptide are/will be in a relationship. She is currently helping Turtle explore Pantala.
  • Queen Glory, who narrates The Hidden Kingdom. Glory was a last-minute replacement for the original SkyWing egg of the prophecy. Due to this, she received much abuse from her caretakers Kestrel and Dune, and was raised to think that RainWings are lazy and dumb, even though Glory is not. Glory is sarcastic and frequently grumpy but cares deeply for her friends and those she cares about. She is initially overjoyed to meet her tribe, though when she realizes that they are pacifistic and isolated, she begins to resent them, though she eventually gets over this. Glory gets crowned queen of the RainWings by Ex-Queen Grandeur at the end of The Hidden Kingdom, and then later becomes the queen of the NightWings when they were escaping the volcano. She is known to be a benevolent queen who treats her subjects fairly, despite only being seven years old, and has also tried to improve her tribe by teaching them how to fight and sending dragonets to school. She and her NightWing bodyguard Deathbringer (who she claims to be heavily annoyed by) are heavily implied to be in a relationship, and in a possible future, they end up getting married and have a daughter named Firefly.
  • Starflight, who narrates The Dark Secret. He is the NightWing of the prophecy, and his egg was given to the Talons of Peace by Morrowseer. Starflight is a smart, nerdy, cowardly, and somewhat arrogant-ish dragon who loves scrolls, which usually annoys his friends with the exception of Sunny. However, Starflight struggles immensely with himself, and his perfect view of the NightWing tribe is shattered when he realizes how desperate and cruel they have become. In The Dark Secret, Starflight learns to be brave and use his intelligence to his advantage. He becomes permanently blind at the end of The Dark Secret due to the volcano eruption, meaning that he can no longer read scrolls, though he does have friends to help him and is currently a librarian at Jade Mountain Academy. He and Fatespeaker are working on scrolls that even blind dragons can read, and he is the only confirmed blind dragon besides Tamirin. Starflight's parents are Mastermind and Farsight, and he has a half-sister named Fierceteeth. Starflight had a crush on Sunny for the majority of the first arc, but she gently rejected him and tried to convince him to pursue Fatespeaker, a NightWing dragonet who he had befriended. In a possible future, he ends up having a daughter, who is implied to be the dragonet of Starflight and Fatespeaker.
  • Princess Sunny, who narrates The Brightest Night. She is the SandWing of the prophecy, and her egg was stolen from the middle of the desert by Dune. Sunny is noted several times to be odd due to her small size, golden scales, green eyes, and her lack of a venomous tail barb. She is idealistic, optimistic, trustworthy, and sees good in all dragons, but constantly feels like her friends underestimate her. She has a heavy faith in the prophecy and believes strongly in destiny and fate, and the revelation that the prophecy is fake breaks her. It is revealed that Sunny is in fact a hybrid, and a product of a secret relationship between her mother Thorn, a SandWing, and her father Stonemover, an animus NightWing. Her father being an animus NightWing means she is related to Darkstalker and Whiteout, and could potentially have animus dragonets. At the end of The Brightest Night, she crowns Thorn as the new queen of the SandWings, making Sunny a princess. She is currently a staff member at Jade Mountain Academy. Starflight had a crush on her for the majority of the first arc, but she only saw him as a brother and rejected him for that reason. She is the only protagonist to not have a love interest or be in a relationship, although Starflight confirmed he has a crush on her.

Arc 2

The protagonists of Arc 2 are the Jade Winglet, who are students at Jade Mountain Academy.

  • Moonwatcher, more commonly known as Moon, is a NightWing who narrates Moon Rising. Her mother Secretkeeper secretly raised her in the rainforest instead of the NightWing island. Her father is Morrowseer, the NightWing who created the 'fake' dragonet prophecy. Moon hatched under two full moons, causing her to receive mind-reading and visions, being the first NightWing in 2,000 years to have powers (other than Fatespeaker who is shown to have little to no visions). She is shy, nervous, and gets overwhelmed quickly by all of the dragons at school, but she manages to overcome it and ends up delivering the Jade Mountain Prophecy, the first real prophecy in generations. She befriends Darkstalker in Moon Rising, though later turns on him in Darkness of Dragons.
  • Prince Winter is an exiled IceWing prince that narrates Winter Turning. He was raised in the Ice Palace, as the nephew of Queen Glacier. He is cold, haughty, and rude, but he is genuinely good-hearted and capable of befriending and showing pity to others. Winter was the disappointment of his family. His brother, Hailstorm, was a First Circle dragon, next in line to be the commander of the IceWing army. His sister, Icicle, was Second Circle dragon, and although Winter is older than Icicle, he is in Third Circle and not considered to be a real IceWing at the end of Winter Turning. He is not appreciated by his family, because of his pity for other dragons and his scavenger obsession. This all comes to show when Glacier sends him to the Jade Mountain Academy in Moon Rising, and runs away, in search of Hailstorm, who was imprisoned by SkyWings when Winter was three. Unexpectedly, Hailstorm was disguised as Pyrite, enchanted to appear and think like the fake female SkyWing. Winter also loves Moonwatcher, despite her being a NightWing, but is turned down when she chose Qibli. There is a chance that Winter may like Lynx, a fellow IceWing dragonet.
  • Peril, a firescales SkyWing, who narrates Escaping Peril. Peril was raised by Queen Scarlet to be nothing more than a remorseless killer. She is loud and doesn't really mind killing, believing it is an integral part of her. She grew up very lonely, with her only friend being an elderly dragon named Osprey, though Clay befriends her in The Dragonet Prophecy. She goes into exile after the supposed death of Scarlet, looks for Scarlet, and soon finds her. however, she disagrees about killing anyone for her, and Scarlet is gone the next morning. she then takes refuge at Jade Mountain. In Escaping Peril, she befriends Turtle and learns that she can be a good dragon in spite of her destructive abilities as a result of Turtle's influence and Queen Ruby's forgiveness. Peril also learns that her father, Chameleon, is a RainWing, but shockingly she is not a hybrid (he used animus magic to turn himself into a SkyWing when she was conceived). Peril is currently a student at Jade Mountain Academy as part of the Jade Winglet, and has made an effort to be nicer and befriend the other students.
  • Prince Turtle, a SeaWing animus, narrates "Talons of Power". Turtle is shy, with a lack of self-confidence, and prefers to stay unnoticed and off to the side. This stems from a childhood incident when he was not able to save his younger sisters from being killed in their eggs, and he blames himself for it. As Talons of Power progresses, Turtle becomes more confident in his abilities and is finally able to put his past beside him. His animus power is revealed when he saves Winter from death in Escaping Peril and taken away by Darkstalker when he is caught in the Night Kingdom, though he is rescued in Darkness of Dragons. He has a crush on Kinkajou, a RainWing student, who then is enchanted by Anemone to love Turtle, and after the spell is removed, admits that she does not know whether she has feelings for him or not, but they will see if it works out.
  • Qibli, a SandWing, narrates "Darkness of Dragons". At the end of the book, he unsuccessfully tries to turn down Moonwatcher from loving him. He has a scar on his snout due to his family. When he was three, his mother, Cobra, sold him to Thorn, in return for her having protection from the Outclaws, and Qibli began to see her as a surrogate mother. Qibli is sharp-witted, intelligent, analytical, and slightly calculating but he has an enormous lack of self-esteem. Near the end of “Darkness of Dragons” Qibli turns down the offer of getting animus magic, something he’s wanted his entire life.
  • Kinkajou, a RainWing, does not narrate any books, but she is still an important character in the series. She turns Darkstalker into a dragonet with his own animus scroll in Darkness of Dragons. She appears in both Arc 1 and Arc 2. Kinkajou is very optimistic and forgiving.
  • Darkstalker, a Nightwing/Icewing hybrid, partly narrates Legends; Darkstalker, along with Clearsight and Fathom. He serves as one of the main antagonists of Arc 2, the other being Queen Scarlet.

Arc 3

The main protagonists are dragonets from the Hives, who make an unlikely friendship.

  • Blue, a SilkWing, who narrates The Lost Continent. He is a kind and gentle dragon who constantly tries to imagine himself as other dragons. Blue and his sister Luna live in Cicada Hive on the continent Pantala. When Luna goes through her Metamorphosis it is revealed that she is a flamesilk. This story sends Blue, Cricket, and Swordtail on a crazy adventure where they meet Sundew, a LeafWing, and steal the book of clearsight. Towards the end of The Lost Continent, he develops romantic feelings for Cricket, which is forbidden by Hive law. He goes into his Metamorphosis shortly after and is revealed to also be a flamesilk. After the events of The Poison Jungle, he is presumably under the control of the Othermind, as he used his flamesilk to burn the Breath of Evil, thinking that it was a cure for the Othermind’s control.
  • Cricket, a HiveWing, who narrates "The Hive Queen". She is a dragon who has extreme curiosity about the unknown. She is the only HiveWing to not be under the control of the Othermind except for Bumblebee, Lady Scarab, Lady Scarab's daughter Lady Jewel, and all of Queen Wasp's sisters. This is because Queen Wasp goes into each Hive Nest and injects the Breath of Evil into the eggs. This was confirmed in The Hive Queen, when Cricket spied on Queen Wasp with Bumblebee's egg in Jewel Hive. Cricket was raised by her grandmother, Cadelle, and her grandfather, who she believed to be her parents. She was also convinced that Katydid was her sister, until Lady Scarab, Queen Wasp's aunt, told her everything. She also develops romantic feelings for Blue during The Lost Continent and The Hive Queen.
  • Sundew, a fierce LeafWing who hates HiveWings, narrates The Poison Jungle. She is fierce, smart in everything about plants, poisonous or not, and has the strongest Leafspeak in the whole offshoot LeafWing tribe. She is described to be forest green with golden flecks all over her body, along with lots of pouches containing insects and other useful plants, although in The Poison Jungle, one of the pouches is revealed to have a small jade frog in it, given to her by Willow(who is confirmed to be in a relationship with Sundew) to use to tell Willow that Sundew is at a small pond situated between the two LeafWing villages.
  • Swordtail, a SilkWing builder. He does not narrate any books as of yet but is still an important main character. He is shown to have strong romantic feelings for Luna, Blue's half-sister, and has a sister named Io. He is described as a troublemaker and is constantly ending up in the dragon version of Juvenile Hall.
  • Luna, Blue's half sister. She is also a SilkWing, and has strong romantic feelings for Swordtail, as mentioned above. She doesn't narrate any books as of yet but is still an important main character.
  • Queen Snowfall, a paranoid IceWing, who will narrate The Dangerous Gift. she made a short appearance at the end of book thirteen, trying to get jerboa to expand the great ice wall around the ice kingdom (unsuccessfully).

Minor Characters

  • Chameleon, a RainWing who can't change his scale colors and used Darkstalker's scroll to become other tribes, resulting in him being Peril's father while in Ex-Queen Scarlet's service. He is later seen helping Darkstalker and the Talons of Power.
  • Anemone, Tsunami's sister. She is the second SeaWing princess to hatch since Orca enchanted her statue, and later, at Jade Mountain Academy, she is in the Silver Winglet.
  • Auklet, Tsunami's youngest sister. She is the third and last SeaWing princess to hatch since Orca enchanted her statue.
  • Io, a SilkWing in The Chrysalis, which is a movement for SilkWing rights. She is sister to Swordtail.
  • Fierceteeth, a NightWing. She is Starflight's sister, and later a close ally of Darkstalker. She was enchanted by Darkstalker to look and act like Clearsight, against her will, until Moonwatcher convinced him to change her back.
  • Foeslayer, a NightWing with green underscales. She is Prince Arctic's wife, and mother to Darkstalker and Whiteout. She was captured by IceWings and enchanted to be part of the IceWings' Diamond Trial. However, Prince Winter freed her, and she changed her name to Hope when she raised Peacemaker.
  • Snowflake, an IceWing in the prologue of Legends: Darkstalker, and a character in Winglets: Runaways. She was going to be Prince Arctic's mate until he ran away with Foeslayer.

Tribes and Races

As of the third arc, there are ten tribes of dragons in the world of Wings of Fire, (not including hybrids) seven that are native to the continent of Pyrrhia, and three that are native to the continent of Pantala. Each tribe of dragons has their own unique appearances, natural abilities, culture, and society. Depending on the tribe, dragons can even be born with rare abilities, including magic. Most notably, some tribes are capable of giving birth to animus dragons, dragons that carry the power to enchant objects to do their bidding. Animus dragons are extremely rare, and if they were to abuse their power, it is possible they could go insane, or as it's put in the books, "lose their souls". This has only seemed to happen to SeaWing animus Albatross in Legends: Darkstalker, and possibly Darkstalker. it was later confirmed in book ten that the power just goes to their head and if they can control those feelings, they are generally safe. Animus dragons seem to be native only to Pyrrhia. Tribes are also capable of interbreeding with each other, producing hybrids, although this does not happen often.

Region: Pyrrhia

The seven tribes of Pyrrhia are MudWings, SandWings, SkyWings, SeaWings, RainWings, IceWings, and NightWings. Each tribe has a queen that rules them and a royal family. Despite their different appearances, all Pyrrhian tribes have two bat-like wings. If you look at the map of Pyrrhia you may also notice the continent is in the shape of a dragon.


NightWings usually have black scales, and undertones and underbellies of other colors, such as dark green, dark red, and purplish-blue. They also have silver scales scattered across the undersides of their wings like stars. They can breathe fire and use their dark scales to blend in with shadows and the night sky. 2,000 years before the main series, many NightWings could read minds or see the future or, in rare cases, both at the same time. Nightwing's with future-sight could even deliver prophecies. Any Nightwing with mind-reading powers would have silver teardrop-shaped scales beside their eyes. Nightwings could be born with these abilities if they were hatched under one or more of Pyrrhia's three moons when they were full (one moon gives mind-reading or prophecy, two gives both, and three boosts both). However, they were no longer able to lay their eggs under the moons after fleeing the old Night Kingdom, in case of the return of the animus Darkstalker, and moved to a volcanic island where the sky was constantly covered in smoke, so these powers disappeared for a long time. The NightWings remained on the volcano in order to hide from their enemies, the IceWings. In the main series, one NightWing was finally hatched under the moons, Moonwatcher, who has both mind-reading and prophetic powers. Currently, the Nightwing's live in the Rainforest Kingdom alongside the RainWings, having accepted Glory as their new queen in exchange for a healthier, safer environment to live in. Glory also put a truce in place with the IceWings in order to protect the NightWings. While living on the volcano, the NightWings developed bacteria in their teeth that poisoned and killed their prey if they bite it. Once their prey died, they came back to eat it. After moving to the rainforest, they have abandoned this tactic and have started hunting normally.

The NightWings were a very secretive tribe while living on the volcano, keeping their location, their queen, and even the fact that they no longer had powers, a secret. This was to ensure that the tribes remained afraid of them, but also so no one would find out how starved, weak, and isolated they were. Like IceWings, NightWings like to believe that they are superior to all other tribes, and can be arrogant and proud. They have a great sense of loyalty, as they are willing to go to extreme lengths to ensure their tribe will survive. NightWings are more active at night (hence the name), and they can hang from crags and ceilings like bats. Nightwings did not fight in the War of SandWing Succession.

When Prince Arctic ran away with Foeslayer, they had two hybrid dragonets named Darkstalker and Whiteout. Darkstalker became the first animus the NightWing tribe had ever had. Whiteout passed down the animus gene through the tribe by having dragonets. Only one other NightWing animus is known; Stonemover, who lives in Jade Mountain, slowly turning to stone.

The current queen of the NightWings is Queen Glory of the RainWings.


IceWings can withstand sub-zero temperatures and bright light, and prefer the frigid climate of the Ice Kingdom. Their scales are silvery-white and pale blue. Their claws are serrated which allows them to grip onto the ice, and their tails have a whip-thin end. IceWings are also covered in icicle-like spikes. They can breathe a deadly freezing breath known as "frostbreath" that can freeze their enemies in an instant, although if an IceWing is too warm, they can't use it. Also, as in "The Dark Secret", Wings of Fire book four, frostbreath can be combated by immersing one's self in magma. IceWing scales are cold to the touch and radiate a chill in the area around them.

IceWings are very sophisticated and believe themselves to be superior to the other tribes. Most of them come off as proud, arrogant, haughty, and uptight, and they tend to look down on dragons from other tribes with disdain. The tribe is ruled by an aristocracy divided into seven ranks, or "circles". The most skilled and brave IceWings are fitted into the First Circle, while the Seventh Circle is for dragons considered "lesser”(many times the dragons sorted into this ranking come from poor families). Where a dragon fits in the rankings on their 7th hatching day will determine the course of his or her life. Dragons in the higher-ranking circles can live in the Queen's palace, while dragons in the lowest circles face possible isolation from the Ice Kingdom. IceWings are very formal and strict and expect certain behaviors from their fellow dragons depending on which rank that dragon is in. IceWings fought with Blaze in the War of SandWing Succession because of the late Queen Glacier's friendship with Blaze(many dragons in the books think that it was just because Blaze offered extra territory to the ice kingdom if they helped them win).

The IceWings used to have animus dragons, but none have been born for the last 2,000 years since their last animus dragon, Prince Arctic, ran away to be with the NightWing Foeslayer. Like the SeaWings, animus IceWings were also bred into the royal family only, and they were only allowed to use their powers once, to keep them from losing their souls. Other known animus IceWings that lived in the past are Queen Diamond, Princess Frostbite, a pair of animus twins, and Penguin.

The current queen of the IceWings is Queen Snowfall, after the death of her mother, Queen Glacier, who was killed by Darkstalker’s spell.


MudWings are strong, thick-muscled dragons with armor-like scales and large, flat heads. They live in the Mud Kingdom, which consists of marshes, swamps, and bogs. MudWings are usually shades of brown, giving them the ability to blend in with mud puddles, and they sometimes have gold or amber underscales. MudWings can breathe fire, but only if they're warm enough, and can also hold their breath for up to an hour.

The MudWings value the bonds between siblings very much, so much that siblings live and work together in groups their whole lives. The parents are never a part of their dragonets' lives; the most they will do is check up on their eggs, which are well-protected with rocks and mud walls, but they will not raise their dragonets. The biggest dragonet will always hatch first and is called the "bigwings"; They are essentially the leader of their group of siblings and it is their job to look after and protect them. MudWings care far more about comfort than decoration, and their houses consist of nothing more than mud and plants. A common stereotype among the other tribes is that MudWings are slow and stupid, but this has been proven not to be the case. MudWings fought with Burn, (albeit only due to blackmail,) in the War of SandWing Succession.

If a MudWing were to hatch from a blood-red egg, that MudWing will have fire-resistant scales, which means their scales will heal over any burns at an unnaturally quick rate. The only MudWing known to have this ability is Clay, but there could potentially be others, as blood-red eggs hatch every few years.

The current queen of the MudWings is Queen Moorhen.


SandWings are desert-dwelling and loving dragons that live in the Kingdom of Sand. They have a sharp, venomous barb on the ends of their tails like scorpions, and their scales tend to be light-yellow, pale gold, or off-white, allowing them to camouflage with their sandy environment. They attack and kill with the venom in their tails and can also breathe fire. SandWings can also survive for a very long time without food or water, and their scales give off a kind of heat.

SandWings are a very musical tribe and enjoy playing instruments. Some SandWings also enjoy getting tattoos. It's been very much implied that SandWings love treasure and will do just about anything to get their talons on it. They are light eaters according to them being in a desert. They are also the reason for the first arc, as their tribe was the one who started the war amongst the Pyrrhian tribes. This eventually led to the false prophecy by Morrowseer where five dragonets will be born together and end the war. The Talons of Peace are then created around this prophecy. The tribe was split apart in three ways during the War of SandWing Succession: those aligned with Burn, Blister, or Blaze.

The SandWing tribe has only had two known animus dragons; Jerboa, who lived during Darkstalker's time, and her daughter, Jerboa, who is immortal because of her mother's enchantment to protect her from harm and is present in the main series.

The current queen of the SandWings is Queen Thorn.


SkyWings have slender bodies and enormous wings, giving them the ability of powerful flight. Their scales can be red, orange, or gold. They can breathe fire and are also noted to be skilled fighters. They live in the Sky Kingdom, high up in the mountains. The two Skywing queens in the wings of fire series are Queen Scarlet and Queen Ruby.

During the reign of the violent and tyrannical Queen Scarlet, many SkyWings came off as bad-tempered and fond of violence, and they had a rather militaristic society. Many SkyWings would come to watch deadly gladiator battles at Scarlet's infamous arena. Despite this, they seem to value justice and honor. After Queen Ruby came into power, the SkyWings became considerably happier and less attracted to fighting, implying that they are very adaptable and capable of change. SkyWings believe in reincarnation, and offer their dead to the sky in the hopes that their spirits will be reborn as SkyWings rather than a dragon from a different tribe. The SkyWings fought for Burn in the war of SandWing succession.

If an egg has twin SkyWing dragonets growing inside of it, one of the twins can absorb all of the fire from the other twin, resulting in a condition known as "firescales". A SkyWing with firescales is too hot to touch, and anything or anyone that comes into contact with them will usually combust into flames. The other twin will have no or very little fire as a result. The only SkyWing known to have firescales in the time of the books is Peril, daughter of Kestrel. Unbeknownst to everyone, Peril's twin brother, Sky, is also alive and lives alone with his human companion Wren. (Mentioned in Dragonslayer)

SkyWings are capable of giving birth to animus dragons, but these dragonets were thrown off a cliff as soon as it became clear what they were. SkyWings believe animus dragons, and dragons with firescales, are too dangerous to live.

The current queen of the SkyWings is Queen Ruby, but she is really Princess Tourmaline, if she doesn't wear her earring enchanted by Chameleon using Darkstalker's scroll.


SeaWings have gills that enable them to breathe underwater, as well as webbed talons that make them excellent swimmers. As such, the SeaWings live underneath the ocean off the coast of Pyrrhia, in what is known as the Kingdom of the Sea. Their scales can be blue or green or aquamarine, and they have stripes and markings along the length of their bodies that can glow. Their tails are powerful enough to create large waves when smacked against the water, and they can see in the dark. SeaWings can communicate with each other underwater by flashing their bioluminescent markings in a language called "Aquatic".

Not much is known about SeaWing society, although they seem to enjoy scrolls, a trait shared by Queen Coral, Whirlpool, and Turtle, although that could just be in their family.

The SeaWings have had many animus dragons, so far only in the royal family. There are two living animus SeaWings in the main story: Prince Turtle and his sister, Princess Anemone. Known animus SeaWings that existed in the past are Prince Fathom, Prince Albatross, and Princess Orca. The tribe fought with Blister in the war of SandWing succession.

The current queen of the SeaWings is Queen Coral.


RainWings need the sun to keep their scales vivid and colorful and to keep them happy, so they often sleep during the afternoon in what is called their "sun time". RainWings who don't get enough sun have duller scales and a grumpier attitude. RainWings are seen as lazy by the other tribes due to their hatred of conflict. Their society is very carefree, with plenty to eat. RainWings used to be infamous for never keeping track of their eggs, which was how Glory was so easily stolen in the first place. Before Glory came along, RainWings couldn't read and were bad at counting, and because they rarely left the rainforest, they knew little of the other tribes. They can, however, make blowguns used to shoot darts which can put a dragon to sleep, and they have extensive knowledge of medicine. RainWings also have the ability to shoot venom. Unlike the other tribes, RainWings having pets is common, with sloths being the most popular pet choice. The RainWings didn't have a royal family for a very long time, and instead, they were ruled by "volunteer" queens who proved to be very lazy and selfish rulers. This all changed when Glory came along and won the RainWing Royal Challenge, becoming the new queen of the RainWings. Since then, she's been working to change her dragons into a better, more efficient tribe and sending their dragonets to school. Their scale colors are based on their emotions. (Examples: Red/Black = Anger, Orange = Confusion, Pale Green = Fear, Dark Green = Disinterest, White = Pain, Blue Grey = Depression, Blue = Sadness, Pink = Happiness, Purple = Delight, Yellow = Excitement, and Dark Violet = Pride) The RainWings did not fight in the War of SandWing Succession because they are not built for fighting

Queen Glory remains the current queen of the RainWing and NightWings.


The three tribes of Pantala are HiveWings, SilkWings, and LeafWings. Along with the SilkWings, the HiveWings are descendants of Clearsight, who came to Pantala after sealing away Darkstalker 2,000 years prior to the main series, when the continent was ruled by LeafWings and the now extinct BeetleWings. Clearsight married into the BeetleWing tribe and had many children (possibly with a BeetleWing named Sunstreak, and with another unnamed BeetleWing), and her children had children, and these NightWing-BeetleWing hybrids eventually became their own tribe: HiveWings. This effectively split the BeetleWings into two tribes.

Just like the tribes of Pyrrhia, Pantalan dragons also have queens and a royal family in each tribe. However, fifty years before the start of the third arc, Queen Wasp of the HiveWings lied to everyone that the Book of Clearsight, a book left behind by Clearsight full of her prophecies, predicted that the other tribes would bow to her. Queen Monarch of the SilkWings agreed and handed over her tribe, but Queen Sequoia refused, resulting in the Tree Wars, which led to the near-extinction of the LeafWings (who are now taking shelter in the Poison Jungle).

At the time of the main series, Queen Wasp rules over both the SilkWings and the HiveWings, and her sisters and cousin each rule a Hive, or city, and are known by the title of "Lady".


HiveWings have four translucent, insect-like wings, and their scales can be red, orange, and/or yellow. HiveWings always have black scales on some part of their body, a trait left behind from their common ancestor, Clearsight. However, in a few rare cases, the HiveWing might be entirely black except for a few red/orange/yellow scales scattered around their body. HiveWings are unique in that they have a variety of abilities that range between individuals; examples include long deadly stingers that can extend from their wrists, the ability to secrete a paralyzing toxin that can immobilize prey, spray a boiling acid from the stinger on their tails, poison in their teeth or claws, and the ability to unleash an unbearable stench to scare away enemies. Like SilkWings, HiveWings have an internal clock that tells them what time of day it is. HiveWings live in the Hives alongside the SilkWings, yet not as equals. SilkWing adults serve as slaves to most HiveWings.

HiveWings are first-class citizens in Pantala, with the SilkWings behaving as their servants and slaves. HiveWings look down on SilkWings and many view them as inferior and revolting. HiveWings don't seem to care or think about how they treat SilkWings, likely because they live very comfortable lives and don't want to question the way things are. HiveWings are very sophisticated and appear to be far better at building and schooling than any of the tribes in Pyrrhia. The Hives, along with the structures and buildings inside them, are far more architecturally complex and structured than those on Pyrrhia.

Queen Wasp has the unique ability to take over the minds of all her HiveWing subjects and control them. This is because she ingested the Breath of Evil plant when the LeafWing Hawthorn tricked her into eating it in an attempt to control her and stop her from enacting war. The plan backfired, and Wasp gained the ability to mind control her subjects by injecting them (usually their eggs) twice (Once, around the day their egg is laid, and a second time half a year later.) with the Breath of Evil. She also ironically happens to (whilst not realizing it) be under the control of the Breath of Evil or the "Othermind". She can control a single individual or many at a time, the whole tribe if she has to. Cricket, Bumblebee, and HiveWings older than about fifty years are the only HiveWings known who are immune to Queen Wasp's mind control.


SilkWings are described to be "as beautiful and gentle as butterflies", with scales that come in every color except black. They have a pair of antennae atop their heads that they use to detect vibrations in the air. Unlike any other tribe, SilkWings are born with no wings; they have to go through a process at the age of six where they spin themselves a cocoon and enter Metamorphosis, a sleep that lasts for five days while they grow their wings from 'wing buds' on their shoulders. Once they emerge, they have four beautiful wings shaped like those of a butterfly, and they have gained their silk. SilkWings spin silk from their wrists to create webs or other woven objects. Like HiveWings, SilkWings have an internal clock that tells them what time of day it is. The webs they spin serve as their home and can be found at the tops of the Hives.

SilkWings are second-class dragons in their society and have little to no rights compared to the HiveWings. They live in slavery and are forced to be servants to the HiveWings. SilkWings are known for being a passive tribe, which is likely the reason why Queen Monarch gave up her tribe to Queen Wasp so easily. Many of them, however, are more than ready to fight for their freedom and have created an underground movement called the Chrysalis, whose goal is to dismantle the HiveWing regime and take down Queen Wasp. SilkWings can use their silk to make art, and their silk is also used to make books.

Some SilkWings can be born with a rare ability called flamesilk, in which their silk is made of fire, this ability will be unleashed after their metamorphosis. Flamesilks can produce different types of this silk, from flamesilk that is warm and does not burn (and is sometimes sticky) to flamesilk that will light fire to anything it touches (Flamesilks cannot be burned by flamesilk, starting after their Metamorphosis). Queen Wasp keeps all the flamesilks imprisoned so they can make it for her only; the flamesilk is distributed to all the Hives as light sources and can be used as valuable money. There are twelve living SilkWings that have this ability (Blue, Luna, Admiral, Whitespeck, Pierid, Danaid, Heliconian, Fritillary, Clubtail, Xenica, and two more unnamed flamesilks)


LeafWings have two wings that are shaped like leaves, with green, brown, and sometimes gold scales that resemble chloroplasts. They are known to be skilled gardeners. Some LeafWings are born with an ability called leafspeak, allowing them to talk with trees and plants and even accelerate their growth at an unnatural speed. The most advanced LeafWing known so far is either the late Hawthorn or Sundew. It is also shown that there are quite a few LeafWings with Leafspeak, including Belladonna and Hemlock, who are Sundew's parents, and Mandrake, who is supposedly Sundew's fiancé even though Sundew wants to be with Willow (who is with the "SapWings" side) and, of course, several various other LeafWings who are not named. LeafWings can also absorb energy from the sun, similar to the process of photosynthesis; however, no LeafWing has displayed this ability as of yet.

After the Tree Wars, the LeafWings were believed to be extinct, but they were actually hiding within the Poison Jungle, which was too dangerous for the other tribes to attack them. The tribe split into two factions; those who followed Queen Sequoia wanted to remain in hiding until Queen Wasp was dead, while other LeafWings chose to seek revenge against the HiveWings for killing all the trees in Pantala and attempting to wipe out the LeafWings. The two factions despised each other, but at the end of The Poison Jungle, both sides teamed up in an attempt to defeat the Othermind. The faction wanting revenge, sometimes known as the "PoisonWings", are needlessly violent and short-tempered, while the faction wanting peace, sometimes known as the "SapWings", are far more passive and reasonable.

The current queen of the SapWings is Queen Hazel, who took over after her great-grandmother, Queen Sequoia, lost her free will to the Othermind. Belladonna of the PoisonWings was 'commander' of the PoisonWings until she too was taken over by the Othermind. The PoisonWings have decided they want to be led by Queen Hazel.

Sundew is able to control plants


BeetleWings are the only known dragons that are extinct. They were described to have two wings, venom shooting fangs, stingers, and possibly silk. BeetleWings likely had bright colors, similar to SilkWings and RainWings. It is believed that BeetleWings are closely related to RainWings. BeetleWings are the ancestors of modern-day SilkWings and HiveWings. Only one pure BeetleWing has been mentioned as of yet, Sunstreak (possibly Clearsight's mate and the father of the HiveWing tribe).


Dragons are not the only sentient beings in the world of Wings of Fire. At this time, there are two other species known to have "dragon-level" intelligence; scavengers/humans and The Othermind.


Scavengers are the humans of the dragon world and can be found on both Pyrrhia and Pantala. In Pantala, most dragons seem to be unaware of the humans' existence except for the main characters; Cricket, a HiveWing dragonet, calls them "reading monkeys". In Pyrrhia, however, scavengers are considered a nuisance and/or prey, as well as some dragons keeping them as pets, such as Prince Smolder, and many dragons don't seem to acknowledge their intelligence, merely the fact that they are more dangerous than average prey, capable of crafting weapons. For example, in Winter Turning, when the group of dragonets is trying to find the Talons of Peace, Winter sees a "thing too advanced for prey" and scavengers bickering and he sees them fire it, straight at Qibli's heart. The chapter ends there. Mind readers like Moon are able to sense emotions from scavengers, but not their thoughts. Scavengers hunt in groups and have towns and villages, known as scavenger dens (according to dragons), all over the continent, although they are frequently burned down by dragons. Scavengers sometimes try to steal treasure from dragons.

About 5,000 years before the start of the main series, scavengers were the dominant life form on Pyrrhia and were constantly hunting down dragons. When the dragons banded together and formed tribes, they wiped out almost the entire scavenger population and took over the continent. This event is known as the Scorching.

20 years before the series, three scavenger siblings, Heath, Stone, and Rose, were able to sneak into Queen Oasis' palace, kill her, and steal her treasure (including several very important animus touched items), a feat thought to be impossible by both scavengers and dragons. Rose was left behind and adopted by Smolder while Heath stole Stone's credit for actually killing Oasis.

There are a few dragons who consider scavengers as valuable pets. Prince Smolder of the SandWings owns a pet scavenger that he named Flower (her real name is Rose). Rose was captured by the SandWings after killing Queen Oasis and unable to escape, and her brothers believed that she was dead.

When Wren was sacrificed to the dragons, she escaped and found Peril's twin brother, Sky, discarded in the bramble. After years, they created a hybrid language between human and dragon. Wren believes that humans and dragons can unite.

Other known scavengers are Winter's pet scavenger, which he named Bandit, and the two scavengers Sunny met in The Brightest Night, which she named Holler and Fluffy. Tui confirmed that Holler is Flower's niece and Heath (otherwise known as the Dragonslayer)'s daughter Ivy, and Fluffy is Leaf. Ivy, Leaf and Wren are the three protagonists of Wings of Fire Legends: Dragonslayer. There may be a sequel, as the story seems somewhat unfinished.

The Othermind

The Othermind is an intelligent organism that exists within a network of plants known as the Breath of Evil. The Othermind is capable of creating a "Hive Mind" by taking over animals and dragons and controlling all of them at once. In order for the Othermind to infect another living being, that being must first ingest the Breath of Evil (root, seed, leaf, etc.), allowing the Othermind to settle inside the brain of the host. The Othermind is only known to exist on Pantala.

The Othermind is a hostile and dangerous organism. According to the Othermind itself, it used to be the "rightful owner" of Pantala before the LeafWings and BeetleWings came along and "stole it" from the Othermind. It attempted to drive out or otherwise, killing the newcomers by sending hordes of dangerous animals and bugs to attack them. Instead, the dragons destroyed most of the Breath of Evil plants across the continent, severely weakening the Othermind for thousands of years. It would have died out had it not been for Hawthorn nursing it back to health to order to infect Queen Wasp with it. This granted the Othermind control over Wasp and the entire HiveWing tribe. it is likely controlling Queen Wasp and making it seem like she was controlling the HiveWings, while instead, she is a prisoner to it 24/7 just like the Librarian.

The Othermind's ultimate goal (as far as we know) is to wipe out all of dragonkind so that it may re-take its continent.

The War of SandWing Succession

The War of SandWing Succession took place during the first arc, and it lasted for 18 years, from 4993 AS to 5011 AS.

It originated when Queen Oasis of the SandWings was murdered by a group of scavenger siblings, Heath, Stone, and Rose, who were seeking to steal the treasure that Oasis owned; they were caught in the crime scene by the queen herself, they killed her and Stone and Heath got away with the treasure, while Rose was left behind at the palace, believed to be dead by her brothers. Oasis' death was partly Blister's fault, as she refused to get someone to help and potentially save her mother. Some conspiracy theories believe that she was the one to kill her mother, in secret, however from what the books have shown this is impossible.

Oasis's three daughters and son discovered her body several minutes later. Rose was adopted by Oasis's son, Smolder, as a pet, and was later named Flower. There was an argument between the three daughters, Burn, Blister, and Blaze over who should be the new queen of the SandWings. This argument led to an 18-year-long war across the continent of Pyrrhia. Each sister allied with a different tribe; Burn allied with the SkyWings and some of the SandWings; Blister allied with the SeaWings and the MudWings (later the mudwings allied with Burn after they were accused of murdering commander Tempest), and later the NightWings (including those part of the Talons of Peace, and she originally allied with only the SeaWings for a few years); and Blaze allied with the IceWings and most of the SandWings.

The war ended with a SandWing female named Thorn obtaining the enchanted Eye of Onyx and becoming queen of the SandWings, a position granted to her by her daughter Sunny. Burn and Blister die towards the end of the war, shortly around the time of Thorn's crowning. Blister died from touching the Eye of Onyx and being unworthy, and Burn died from a snake bite from the dragonbite viper planted by Blister. Lady Blaze survived the war and was granted permission by Queen Thorn to continue living in the palace.


Graphic Novels

The first graphic novel, The Dragonet Prophecy, was announced in 2012 by author Tui T. Sutherland who hoped it would be finished quickly; however, the graphic novel adapter, Mike Holmes; announced that it would be released on January 2, 2018. The second graphic novel, The Lost Heir, was released on February 26, 2019. And third graphic novel, The Hidden Kingdom, was released on October 15, 2019. The 4th graphic novel, The Dark Secret, has been released on December 26, 2020. The graphic novels have never been published 3 or more times in one year. A graphic novel for The Brightest Night has been confirmed.

Television series adaptation

An animated television series is said to be in development with ARRAY and Warner Bros. Animation.