Background information
Origin Telford, United Kingdom
Genres Alternative rock
Years active 1995-1998
Members Glenn Symington
Kevin Crichton
Carl Newman
Sharon Cameron

Wired is an alternative rock band based in Telford, United Kingdom, formed in 1995 by founder members Glenn (Mann) Symington and Kevin Crichton. Glenn began song writing for the band acoustically early 1995 and by the summer both Glenn and Kevin had several tracks ready for recording before the band line-up was actually complete.


Glenn recruited good friend and ex-bandmate Drummer Carl Newman late summer 1995 and studio time was booked for Jan 96 at MAD studios, Market St, Wellington with producer and Scarab frontman Paul Britton. Paul recruited ex Warning and Trapazzat lead guitarist Brain Meacham to provide bass guitar on the first 3 tracks, "Chill Out", "Mind" and "Let It Flow".

Shortly after recording, Brian introduced the band to Canadian guitarist/cellist Sharon Cameron, formerly of Toronto-based band Loogan Bin, who had recently moved to area from Toronto. The four instantly gelled and further studio time was booked to record another 3 tracks, (featuring Sharon on bass guitar and cello) "Hereafter", "Who Cares" and "Cool Smile" (Cool Smile was also co-written by Paul Britton during recording), to follow up on the original songs which had already begun to receive some positive record company attention.

The band split late 1998 after various external factors took their toll and the individual members went on to pursue other interests. To date, Glenn Symington (Glenn Mann), and Sharon Cameron (now Sharny Cameron Gillings) are the only two members still involved with the music industry.

Glenn Mann

Based in Shropshire and still performing as a solo acoustic singer/songwriter as well as vocalist for metal band Müllet.

Sharny Cameron Gillings

Relocated back to Toronto during 2002 with her British born husband Mick Gillings, has performed with various groups such as The Diabollocks, The Z-Rays and Prophets 'n' losses.

Wired 2014

The original tracks are currently being re-issued as part of a 20th anniversary EP entitled '1996' due for release next year.

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