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Woodhall Spa Cottage Museum
General information
Location Woodhall Spa, Lincolnshire
Country England
Opened 1987

The Woodhall Spa Cottage Museum on Iddesleigh Road, Woodhall Spa, Lincolnshire, England, is a community museum managed by volunteers that first opened its doors in 1987. The cottage is a bungalow constructed of corrugated iron laid on a timber frame. The building was shipped to Woodhall Spa as a flat pack.

The Museum documents the history of Woodhall Spa's development as a nineteeenth century spa town designed by Richard Adolphus Came.

A former owner of the bungalow was John Wield who created a photographic record of the then new Victorian spa community at Woodhall Spa. Today, his photographic collection forms the basis of the Woodhall Spa Cottage Museum collection. The bungalow was the home of the Wield family from 1887 to the 1960s.

John Wield's collection of photographs and ephemera was offered in the early 1980s to the community of Woodhall Spa provided it was put on public display. Not long after that, in 1985, John Wield's bungalow came on the market and, in 1986, a Trust was formed to set up the Woodhall Spa Cottage Museum.

The local Tourist Information Centre is housed within the Museum.

In 2011 the Heritage Lottery Fund awarded a grant of £677,600 to be used to refurbish the building, update the exhibits, and fund programs. The project was started due to the need to remove several small, wooden outbuildings (an old donkey stable, workshop and photography studio) that had been damaged by arson.