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Wurm Online
Developer(s) Rolf Jansson
Markus Persson
Platform(s) Java
Release 12 December 2012
Genre(s) Open world
Mode(s) Player versus player

Wurm Online is a 3D massively multiplayer online role-playing game developed by Code Club AB (formerly known as Onetoofree AB) in Motala, Sweden. Development started in 2003 by friends Rolf Jansson and Markus Persson, and it was released for personal computers via Java in 2006. Players can choose to play on servers that allow player versus player combat and realm versus realm combat or servers


Everything in the game but the natural environment is created by players. When a new server is launched it is an empty land. To start your adventure you go through a tutorial where you also receive your starting items and a mirror. The mirror is used to customize the appearance of your character and can be used only once, but at the time of your choice. All items are made from materials from the world: wood cut from trees, rocks and metal mined from tunnels, and so forth.

Wurm allows players to terraform the land, raising, flattening, and lowering tiles using shovels. Players can also mine underground and make vast caverns, climb mountains, build keeps and cities, and form new kingdoms (on some servers). Player versus player combat is open with a penalty for same-kingdom killing on most servers. Multiple gods vie for the attention of players and grant missions (on some servers), spells, and enchantments to players and items.

Every item has a quality level that affects its damage, decay, or overall quality. Skills can be leveled up based on usage with no skill or stat cap. Archery is included and is an active component of combat. Vehicles include carts, animals (cattle and horses), and boats which can all be ridden. Crops can be grown and have their own growth rates, as do trees and bushes. Weather consists of wind (affects boat travel), snow and rain. Many players choose to live peaceful lives and are only called to combat during raid events where one kingdom attempts to invade another.

Every action in the game is affected by one or more skills. For instance, using a small metal shield does not make one better at using a small wooden shield. Each weapon or tool or device has a skill all its own. This allows players to specialize or generalize. Players can also build and form villages. These villages can band into alliances to give aid to one another in times of need.