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Xander Kiriakis
Days of Our Lives character
First appearance March 24, 2015
Created by Gary Tomlin
Christopher Whitesell
Portrayed by Paul Telfer
Aliases Alexandros Kiriakis (birth name)
Xander Cook
Xander Cook Kiriakis
Occupation Diamond smuggler
Former gardener for the Kiriakis mansion
Former owner of Randall Lewis' Pharmacy Company
Family Titus Kiriakis (father)
Ms Cook (mother)
Spouse(s) Nicole Walker (2018)
Residence Salem, Illinois

Xander Kiriakis is a fictional character on Days of Our Lives played by Paul Telfer since the character's introduction in 2015. Created by Gary Tomlin and Christopher Whitesell.

He is the son of Titus Kiriakis and the nephew of Victor Kiriakis. Making him the member of the Kiriakis family.


Casting and creation

In 2015, Paul Telfer joined the cast of Days of Our Lives as Xander Cook, the nephew of Victor Kiriakis. He made his first on screen appearance on March 24, 2015.


Xander first showed up in Salem in March 2015. As the head of an International Diamond blood smugglers ring, he compelled his friend, Serena Mason through threats, to steal the diamonds from the elephant statue that she and Eric Brady bought from Africa few years ago.

Xander meets Nicole Walker, who pretends to show interest in him; the two begin a flirtation. Later Xander meets with his uncle Victor Kiriakis where it is revealed that Xander has been doing criminal operations for Victor in places such as Cyprus and Cuba in addition to money laundering for the Kiriakis family. Xander is reacquainted with his cousin Brady Black; both Victor and Brady are cold and distant from Xander. Xander goes to meet his old friend Daniel Jonas.

Xander continues to hassle Serena about the diamonds and threatens her and her boyfriend Eric Brady. Xander continues his romantic interest in Nicole, but her rouse is to use Xander to make Daniel jealous. Victor tells Xander not to get involved with Nicole because Daniel wants her. Victor's favoritism for Daniel begins to aggravate Xander and Nicole's reluctance to date him also begins to anger him. When Xander catches Nicole in a lie and sees her kissing Daniel he plans his revenge. Victor orders Xander to leave town for disobeying him and continuing his pursuit of Nicole and a furious Xander confronts a silent Victor for his hypocrisy on unconditionally supporting Daniel, Brady, Philip, and Sonny while being unsupportive of him. Nicole investigates Xander's past and discovers that Xander was imprisoned in Scotland for murder and Victor bribed government officials to have the charges reduced from manslaughter to assault and battery and Xander was freed on the condition that he leave Scotland.

At Titan, Xander tracks down Nicole and when she lies about her scheme and feign interest in him he attacks her but is stopped by Eric. Xander's female accomplice comes to his aid and they corner Nicole and Eric in the furnace room at Titan. Eric and Nicole barricade themselves in the furnace room to prevent Xander from killing them. Xander and his accomplice trap Eric and Nicole in the space next to the furnace and turn the furnace up to full blast in order to kill them. Xander and his accomplice erase any evidence linking them to the crime and leave Eric and Nicole to die. In 2018, he blackmailed her into marrying him after finding out she killed his uncle Deimos Kiriakis, proof was the confession recording.

Brady and the Salem Police rescue Eric and Nicole and implicate Xander in the attempt on their lives. Meanwhile, Xander is preparing to leave Salem when he is kidnapped by Victor's henchmen. A furious Victor berates Xander not following his orders to leave town and his attempt to kill Nicole and Eric, who as Salem police commissioner Roman Brady's son, will bring extra police efforts to convict Xander and thus bring attention to Victor's criminal activities. Xander explains his devotion and loyalty to Victor and the Kiriakis family, having done many unpleasant deeds that they lacked the willingness or intelligence to do themselves. Xander also berates Victor for favoring Daniel, someone that is not family. Victor reveals the distance between him and his brother Titus Kiriakis, Xander's father. Victor stops communicating with and helping Titus by the time that he dies. It is strongly implied that Victor's contempt for and distance from his brother Titus were transferred to Xander because he being Titus' son.

Xander told Victor he would die for him, and Victor orders one of his henchman to cut Xander's throat. At the last minute, Victor changed his mind and realized Xander may still be of some use to him. He agreed to give Xander another chance but said Xander would be stripped of his privileges and wealthy lifestyle and would be little more than a servant. The Salem Police fail to find enough evidence against Xander for his attempted murder of Eric and Nicole but Xander put under surveillance and is hated by everyone in Salem.

Victor demotes Xander to work as a gardener at the Kiriakis mansion. Xander is constantly humiliated by everyone in Salem. Enraged and deeply hurt, Xander plots his revenge against everyone who was hurt him. Brady's ex-lover Theresa Donovan seduces Xander but makes it look like Xander tried to rape her and when Brady walks in he attacks Xander and calls the police. Xander explains the true events to Victor but Victor refuses to help Xander, who is arrests for attempted rape and assault. The police arrive, and Xander sat there as Theresa accused him of rape. The police then arrested Xander and hauled him off to jail. Serena is strangled and killed in the park. Xander has been in police custody at the time, is questioned and is cleared as a suspect.

In September 2016, Xander is seen in prison with Clyde Weston and Orpheus. Xander says he wants revenge on Theresa and Nicole. As the trio are being transported with other prisoners, Eduardo Hernandez attacks and kills one of the convicts. In the confusion, Orpheus does something to the driver, causing the prison transport can to crash. Xander headed straight for Theresa's to confront her about falsely accusing him of rape. Theresa apologizes, and says Victor is the one he should be after since he helps make sure Xander was sent to prison. Xander says he will deal with Victor, and starts to strangle Theresa as Brady enters, and Xander escapes. Xander, Clyde, and Orpheus regroup at a shack on the pier. Xander is anxious to go after his enemies, but Orpheus advises him to be patient. Xander and Orpehus wait for Clyde to return with their disguises and weapons. The trio got the Johnson house and hold Kayla Brady and Joey Johnson hostage. Steve Johnson comes home, and tried to rattle Clyde and Xander's faith in Orpheus. Xander restrains Steve, but Steve gets free back handing Xander and he and Orpehus get into a struggle. Steve is shot, and the three once again make their escape with Joey in tow. Xander is assigned to watch Joey while Clyde and Orpheus are out. Xander starts to doze off, but wakes up in time to stop Joey from undoing his binds. Clyde and Orpheus return, and start bickering. Orpehus has been shot, and attends to his wound. Clyde shows him the paper that says Steve survived. The trio talk about where they will go, and how they will gain leverage to make their demands. Clyde asks where they will go, and Xander says that after they kill the entire Kiriakis family, they can hide at the Kiriakis compound. Xander and Clyde eventually decided to go off on their own. Xander found Nicole at Daniel's grave, and held her at gunpoint. Nicole and Deimos Kiriakis, Xander's uncle who had previously visited him, made a deal to let him go if he didn't hurt Nicole; Xander agreed to their terms. Deimos was supposed to lead Xander into a trap that would send him back to prison, but Deimos helped Xander fake his death, believing Xander could be useful to him in the future and told him to escape to Europe.

In April 2017, Xander follows Nicole and Brady to Canada, ultimately shooting Brady and kidnapping both Nicole and Holly. By 2018, Xander is in Mexico. Theresa begs Xander to help her escape and return to Salem; he agrees to help her, under the condition that she help him return to the good graces of Victor. While in Mexico, Xander began to smuggle blood diamonds, while selling them to Mateo. Xander's return to Salem is short-lived, when he ultimately leaves town. Months later, in October, Xander has blackmailed Nicole into marrying him using a recording of Nicole confessing to killing Xander's uncle Deimos and is working for Kristen DiMera. Nicole and Xander live with her daughter Holly in Chicago at Sarah Horton (Linsey Godfrey)'s apartment. Nicole runs away from Xander and travels to meet up with Eric Brady. A fire breaks out at the secret facility in Nashville where Xander is working with Kristen and Dr. Rolf on experiments that bring the dead back to life. Kristen, Nicole, and Xander are presumed dead.

He returned to Salem in January 2019, working with Eve Donovan to bring Jack Horton back in Salem in return for her giving him the thumb drive. To impress his uncle Victor, he showed him a flash drive that could save the Titans and ruin the DiMera Enterprise, in return for him being the new CE0 of the company. Victor offers him money, which he turns down demanding power and respect instead. Xander finds Sarah Horton in the Kiriakis mansion conversing with Sonny Kiriakis and interrupts them by eating Sarah's muffin and flirts with her, she turns down his hard pass and goes to meet her friend. Xander is arrested for shooting Marlena Evans but is released after the security footage is revealed to have been deleted by himself who had impersonated John Black. He sleeps with tipsy Sarah Horton after she throws herself at him.