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Young Peculiar
Background information
Origin Sheffield, United Kingdom
Genres eclectic pop/rock
Years active February 2011–present
Members Bernadette Dales
Michael Hukins
Chris Boswell
Joseph Ibbett
George Ionita
Past members Chris Elliott
Laura Yie
Martin Bullock

Young Peculiar are an eclectic pop/rock band from Sheffield, UK, made up of Bernadette Dales (vocals), Michael Hukins (lead guitar) Chris Boswell (guitar), Joseph Ibbett (bass) and George Ionita (kit). The group have been together since February 2011 and have released two EPs: 'The Young Peculiar EP' (2012) & 'Ordinary' (2013).


The band were originally an acoustic three-piece who performed under Bernadette Dales' name in late 2010. The name 'Young Peculiar' is derived from the name of a beer that the three founding members (Bernadette Dales, Michael Hukins and Chris Elliott) had a mutual love for - Theakston's Old Peculier. Martin Bullock was recruited to play cajon for the group's first gig under this name at Plug (Sheffield) in February 2011.

Chris Elliott left the group in July 2011 and was replaced by Chris Boswell. It was during this lineup change that Young Peculiar became a 'full band' rather than the acoustic outfit they had been during their first few months. Bullock moved from cajon to full kit, Chris Boswell performed on electric guitar, and Laura Yie was recruited to play electric bass.

In July 2012, Chic Magazine named the band, one of the highlights of Tramlines in their feature on the festival.

In 2012 Young Peculiar began work on their debut EP with Mynetaur Productions. The EP was self-released in August 2012.

In August 2012, the band were featured in British designer Gola's 'Born in Britain' campaign, where their music was first described as "eclectic rock-funk-folk-jazz", a phrase the band now use to describe their music in interviews and press releases.

Young Peculiar's debut EP was named No. 1 EP of 2012 in The Yorkshire Times, beating Charlotte Church amongst others to the top spot. The group were winners of Jack Daniel's Roots 2013 Contest, and worked with legendary producer Tony Platt at StrongRoom Studios on new song 'Who You Are' which is featured on the StrongRoom 2013 EP.

6 May 2013 was the first gig Joseph Ibbett performed with the band as their new permanent bassist, after Laura Yie announced her departure in March 2013.

The group have recently finished recording their second EP 'Ordinary' 2013.



Title Released Label
Young Peculiar EP 15 August 2012 Independent Release
Ordinary 30 November 2013 Independent Release


Song Title Featured On Release Date
Who You Are JD Roots: Strongroom 2013 May 2013

Band members

  • Bernadette Dales (vocals)
  • Michael Hukins (lead guitar)
  • Chris Boswell (guitar)
  • Joseph Ibbett (bass)
  • George Ionita (drums)

Past members

  • Chris Elliott (guitar, December 2010-August 2011)
  • Laura Yie (bass, October 2011 - March 2013)
  • Martin Bullock (drums, February 2011 - October 2013)